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Tyler Hansbrough Wants None of Metta World Peace



Can you really blame him though? Metta over here has been known to throw bows and hunt down his own fans. What do you think he would do to the North Carolina alum?

tumblr_m2xrxvWP5x1rtxen9o1_400 ArtestFightsFansLG


PS- Raptors are off to a strong start (5-1) and i’m loving it.


How I Fix the NBA – More Jumping

Here is an info graphic taken from

alley oops

You know what this tells me? Popovich and co. need to work on some showmanship. Basketball in recent years has taken a turn for the worst. i.e the “announcement”, anything Ron Artest does, anything Metta World Peace does, David Stern being operated internally by a small alien, and The King who cried foul. I digress. Lets spark up this NBA season and get some viewers back. 5 alley-oops over the past two years? That is unacceptable. That also goes for anyone who is putting up less than 70. Clean up your acts, move the ball, and break some backboards. Don’t make me call Jackie Mooooooon



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