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Mean Tweets: NFL Edition

Mean Tweets is back on Jimmy Kimmel Live and this time the targets of these horrible tweets are NFL players. These people sending tweets better hope they can’t find where you live, becausee i’m pretty confident that Clay Matthews could rip a human in half.


Jimmy Kimmel is BacK With Another “Mean Tweets”

Is it me or do these videos only get better with age? Does someone actually think they can get one over on Don Rickles? I bet as soon as that camera was off he tore that tweeter a new one. Nobody insults Donny and gets away with it.



Also, got to love the surprise David Blaine entry.


Mean Tweets Vol. 6


Jimmy Kimmel Released a New “Musicians Mean Tweets”

Predictably awesome. I need more of these videos, NOW. Jimmy, we should do a profession athletes one! and by “we” I mean just you and i’ll watch.


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