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Trailer Alert: Suburbicon

What do you get when you combine a film written by the Coen brothers, directed by George Clooney and starring Matt Damon as a classic 1950’s all American white picket fence husband/father who’s actually indebted to the mob? The answer is Suburbicon, which just released it’s first trailer. It’s literally a mash up of a lot of things I love in movies: the Coen brothers are the masters of the dark comedy; Matt Damon is routinely fantastic in everything he’s in, and judging by this trailer that includes an in over his head father fending off the mob in Pleasantville USA; George Clooney is a beautiful, perfect man.

Clooney’s been around the Coen brothers before ( O Brother Where Art Thou, Burn After Reading, Hail, Caesar) and the trailer for Suburbicon nails that classic Coen brothers mood. On the surface everything looks peachy keen, but underneath that surface there is violence, bloodshed and ugliness. The mix of darkness and comedy is another Coen brother staple, and Matt Damon not only gets in a few one liners, but the closing scene of the trailer shows him riding away from an explosion on a tricycle. Give me all of this right now. Suburbicon opens October 27th.


Ep 11 – The Fast and The Infinity Gauntlet

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024 Oscar Wrap Up

A wrap up of the 2017 Academy Awards. Including a live reaction to La La Land getting the Oscar ripped from their hands.

Trailer Alert: The Martian (#2)

Matt already summed up mine (and probably everyone else’s) feeling after The Martian’s first trailer dropped, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to post the second trailer. Nobody loves filming shit floating around in space more than Ridley Scott, and luckily for us, he’s extremely good at it. Plus, the cast is dynamite, so this movie is 100% going to be bananas. Mark your dicks, October 2nd is fast approaching.


Trailer Alert – The Martian

Before you watch this trailer, can we talk about this epic cast? Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, Michael Peña, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Donald Glover. Ridley Scott had me at Jessi…


I may not be the best judge of movies or movie trailers because I tend to think everything is “awesome”. Example: The first BluRay movie I owned was Ghost Rider (big Nick cage fan). I get it, I’m an easy critic. So take my thoughts on “The Martain” with a grain of pixie dust: I think this looks INCREDIBLE. I already gushed abut the cast now let me gush about the visuals. Ridley Scott is the king of Sci-Fi and is looking to keep his throne with this beauty. November cannot come fast enough, I really want some turkey.


Jimmy Kimmel Finally Got To The Bottom Of Deflate Gate With ‘I Am The Locker Room Guy’

Deflate gate has been a weird controversy. I’m not talking about the controversy itself. I’m talking about the media spoofs of the controversy. Usually when something like this happens late night TV shows and SNL would be on top of it with funny parody videos, but up until today that really hasn’t been the case. SNL did their spoof, and it was ok but I wanted something that was going to knock it out of the park. Why is it that almost two weeks we finally get a solid parody video from Jimmy Kimmel about deflate gate? Anyway, this video was worth the wait. It starts off innocently enough with a few of Kimmel writers taking credit for Deflate Gate, but then it gets full scale insane with some awesome celebrity cameos. ‘My name is Ryan Salty Flanagan I’m from Roslindale Massachusetts if you don’t believe me go fuck yourself’.

– Ryan

I Have a Raging Clue These Movies are Going to Be Awesome


The Wolf of Wall Street

From the people who brought us District 9 comes Elysium. Let me start by saying that I loved District 9.  The movie was pure original from start to finish.  No one has told the story of segregation and the plight of a people quite like that movie.  A mix you could only get by taking Alien and crashing it head first into any Spike Lee movie.  Now for Elysium.  This movie seems to follow the same look and feel as District 9 with a slightly different story…and Matt Damon.

The Wolf of Wall Street ,aka “The complete opposite of what my friends and I do on the weekends”, stars Big Leo, Matty McConaughey, Jonah “Fluctuating Weight” Hill, and “Carlos” from How I Met Your Mother (You might know him as Shane from The Walking Dead).  This movie looks like a smash hit right from the get-go. Look for Berno and I, in jean jackets/vests, camped out for tickets.


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