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Mark Henry vs. The Houston Rockets Mascot Is The Feud We Need Right Now #WWE #NBA

The San Antonio Spurs got walloped by the Houston Rockets in game 1 of their series. The Spurs had a 10 point lead heading into halftime last night but that clearly wasn’t going to be enough to hold off a red hot Rockets team. Enter The World’s Strongest Man™ and a steel chair, and the next thing you know the Spurs win the game by 25 points. I’m not saying that Mark Henry attacking the Rockets mascot with a chair was the reason the Spurs won, but I’m also saying that that’s exactly why they won. I think we need to book Mark Henry on a flight to DC just in case the Celtics need some halftime inspiration this weekend.



5 Days and Counting Until The Greatest Sporting Event of the Year

You know it’s on when the mascots are getting involved! The Monday after the Super Bowl should be a holiday. I will take the sentiment to my grave.


PS- Apparently people in the UK aren’t as excited as I am


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