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Brandon Marshall Just Gained a New Fan And I Pledge Not to Draft Him in Fantasy So His Career Doesn’t End Horribly

Good for you, Brandon Marshall. Genuine good guy move right here, and I’m so impressed by this that I vow not to draft him in fantasy football this year. Two things happen to players I draft: they get hurt, or they suck so bad you kind of wished they were hurt. I won’t put that hex on you, Brandon. You’re welcome.

– Ryan

Josh McCown and Anquan Boldin Running the Basketball Court

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears


Click the picture for the NFL video of Boldin’s charity basketball game.

Only white guy on the court may seem a little a bit odd at first glance….then……JAM SESSION. Josh McCown throwing it down all over everyone’s head. We all know he could shoot 3-pointers (he’s white), but the ball handling skills and dunking abilities are something out of a sports fairy tale. Check his shoes for flubber, I don’t believe it.


PS- Hey Josh, playoffs please.

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