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ICYMI: NASA’s Orion Rocket Performed “Flawlessly” This Morning, and I Watched it LIVE!

Look at the MOFO go! To infinity and beyond! Also, if you were wondering, it landed safely as well.

Let’s go to Mars!


Space Nerd Alert – Falcon 9 Satellite Launch

Stay tuned! At approximately 2am (EST) SpaceX will be launching a satellite attached to its Falcon 9 rocket. I’m setting my alarm clock. Are you?


Add ‘Playing the Tambourine’ to The Enormous List of Things Brad Pitt is Better Than Me At

Take it away, Rod.

– Ryan

Don’t Let the White House Cut NASA’s Budget!


I received a message from the Planetary society that I need to share with all of you! If you would like to see missions to Mars and Europa in your lifetime it is imperative you take 2 minutes and sign this petition! Lets never forget the reason why we are where we are as a race – curiosity and exploration!

Below is the email I received: Read the rest of this entry

Superbowl Halftime Show..Who Ya Got?

It was announced this weekend that Bruno Mars will perform at halftime of this years Superbowl. I think it goes without saying that this is a great pick. Mr. Mars is talented, handsome, and his voice literally makes us want to cry. He also happened to pass the most important hurdle of all: the SNL hosting test.

While we love the choice, it got us thinking: who would be our ideal performer for a Superbowl halftime show? We drank some beers, exchanged some ideas, and came up with our favorite

Freddie Mercury


The ONLY thing that stops Freddie Mercury and the rest of Queen from headlining every major event in America is the fact the Freddie died in 1991. Voice like an angel? Check. Dance moves that could make you tremble? Check. The body of a god and mustache to match? Check and check. Here is how this halftime show would go. Lights go out. 10 seconds go by and a single beam of light is pointed to the stage. Highlighted in it is Freddy Mercury sitting at a piano. Bohemian Rhapsody starts the performance with Freddie killing it at piano. The show then moves into ‘I want to Break Free’ and wraps with ‘Somebody to Love’. A simple 3 song set that will have the audience begging for more.


George Michael

George Michael Picture

In my eyes, George Michael is the singer of our generation. Faith. Freedom. Father Figure. It seems as if every classic song that starts with an F has been sung by Mr. Michael. Did he possibly blow an undercover cop in a public restroom? Yes. But as a democratic nation I’d hope we could look past this act and let his flex those golden pipes. Back to the halftime show. The stage is empty, but you hear George’s voice in the background softly singing the word “faith”. It gets louder and louder until he finally hits the stage, accompanied by a slew of instruments. Next up is freedom, followed by closing the performance with Careless Whisper. Game. George Michael. Match.

– Ryan

Matt Vieira, Supreme Ruler of The Planet Mars

Mars One is a non profit organization whose mission is to expand human life to other planets. Their CEO and President’s name is Bas Lansdorp and he is insane as the day is long, but I would follow him to the ends of the universe…literally.

The Mars One initiative aims to send humans to Mars…forever. A one-way ticket that will cement you in the history books and forever change your life. The mission will send two males and two females to mars in 2023. The project is an estimated 6 billion dollar undertaking, 3.5 more billions than Curiosity. If you ask me, thats a bargain. Spend the little extra and send some people, that won’t get stuck on rocks or run out of battery, up there. “But Matt!”, you scream from outside my window. “How will they ever pay for this!?” Application fees of course! You silly geese. Applications cost $38 dollars a piece, so that means they only need 157,894,737 people to file applications. Uh…What?? However, Bas Lansdorp does not seem concerned. In a recent interview with Bas (Can I call you Bas?) he said “We have gotten 10,000+ emails already.” Way to see the glass half full, Bas.

Speaking of Mr. optimistic, Bas also said in the same interview “There will be emergencies and deaths. We need to make sure that crew members can continue without those people….it is up to the people on Mars to decide what to do with their dead.” Nothing like putting a little faith and confidence in your crew. I can see the pep talk now……(dream sequence)….”So what we got here is a rocket, not sure if its going to launch or blow up on the pad. Oh, and also, people will die up there so you figure out what to do with the bodies. As far as medicine goes, we have none, we didn’t quite reach our fundraising goal. In a couple years, if this hasn’t folded, we might send more people, but don’t count on it. Oh yea and go fuck yourself.” Just a complete “shits gonna happen” type locker room speech. But like I said, this wouldn’t stop me. The only thing that would make me want to go more is if Bruce Willis was the captain of shuttle.

Personally, I am ready to send in my application and video. And If I do get selected, here is my plan. I get up there on the red rock and. I. Go. Rogue. Just causing a ruckus and claiming Mars for myself. Have you ever been King of an entire planet? No you haven’t, but I will. SUCKERS.


Here is the welcome video on their site. If this doesn’t get you hard for exploring the universe then I feel bad for you.

P.S. When asked if Bas would like to join this mission to Mars he responded, “I have a really nice girlfriend, and she doesn’t want to come with me, so I’m staying right here.” Strong move, Bas, chivalry isn’t dead after all.

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