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The Music Video For ‘Feel Right’ By Mark Ronson & Mystikal Is Impossible To Stop Watching

Look at that screenshot above. You don’t even have to watch the video and you already know it’s going to be amazing. The whole video takes place at a middle school talent show and it just makes you want to dance. The main character is an under sized child and he’s got all the funk you can handle, but my favorite part is the kid in the crowd they cut back to once in awhile getting his groove on. The performance is so good even THE JANITOR is dancing. All the doubters (including the cool girls) at the beginning of the video stand up and cheer once the performance is over, and much to my surprise, Bruno Mars, Mystikal and Mark Ronson take time out of their busy schedules to actually be the judges at this talent show and give the performance a well deserved 10. I don’t know who created this music video, but they deserve all the awards.

– Ryan


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