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Trailer Alert: I, Tonya – Starring Margot Robbie

I, Tonya

The Tonya Harding story is one that people usually remember because of one event: when she had her boyfriend beat up Nancy Kerrigan’s knee with a pipe. Like most stories that focus on one day of a person’s life, there’s MUCH more to the story. The trailer for I, Tonya has a Wolf of Wall Street feel, as Robbie switches between acting for the camera and acting to the camera. There are a few shots where she’s talking directly to the audience, which I’ve always been a fan of as it keeps the audience on it’s toes. I, Tonya does have not an official release date as of this writing.


Margot Robbie Will Host The 42nd Season Premiere of SNL

It’s been a long, hot summer, but the cooler weather is here, football is dominating Sunday again and SNL is finally back in our lives. The season premiere of season 42 is next Saturday October 1st, and now we know who will be the host. If you’re not a fan of Margot Robbie, I’m not sure what to tell you. She was great in Wolf of Wall Street and she was great in Suicide Squad, and although she played two completely different roles, she had the beauty and the talent to pull it off. From the SNL side of things, they’ll be entering season 42 without two of its key veteran performers, as both Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam won’t be returning this year. On the bright side, they have the craziest election in history and an abundance of material to cover, so this season should be a hoot.


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