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Mankind & Will Friedle Reunited At Comic Con & It Was Glorious #BoyMeetsWorld #WWE

If you were between the ages of 10-16 during the 90s and early 2000s, there’s a solid chance you watched WWE or Boy Meets World (or if you’re super cool like me, you watched both). On one magical episode of Boy Meet World, the world of pro wrestling invaded the world of the Matthew’s family and gave us a pretty memorable moment:

As a fan of the WWE, seeing one of their wrestlers on a popular cable TV show was pretty awesome, and it goes to show you how popular WWE was in the late 90s. They employed a lot of larger than life personalities, and some of those personalities were able to cross over into mainstream pop culture. 18 years later, Mick Foley (who portrayed the Mankind character) met back up with Will Friedle (who played Eric Matthews) and all my childhood memories came rushing back:

If Eric Matthews shows up on Raw, I might lose my mind.


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