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Conan O’Brien’s ‘Mad Max’ Entrance To His Show From San Diego Comic Con Was Glorious

Conan, Andy and the Basic Cable Band went on a little road trip to San Diego for the annual Comic Con, and they arrived in style. Mad Max style, to be more specific. I still haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve watched the trailers enough (approximately 1500 times) to know that this was pretty spot on. Conan playing the flaming guitar, Andy driving the hell on wheel mobile and the band playing the war drums were all awesome. I’ve never seen Conan live, but I have to believe he puts on a hell of a show, or else he wouldn’t be going on three decades as a host. He may not get all the fan fare of a Jimmy Fallon or soon to be Late Night host Stephen Colbert, but Conan is still delivering after all these years.

– Ryan

013 A Man Collected 5 Million Wasps and did Something Horrible with a Toothbrush

This week we chat about cucumber sundaes (not what you think) and different ways to prepare animal genitals (exactly what you think).

Aaron Paul is the Coolest Human on the Planet

Last night I was celebrating my one year anniversary with my lovely girlfriend. We went to one of our favorite sushi spots in Boston, Fin’s (In Kenmore Square). It was an ordinary night until we went to pay the check. I looked down at my phone after signing the bill and what do I see, but a Periscope notification alerting me Aaron Paul was live. Usually I don’t click on periscope notifications, because I get a ton of them (Seriously Periscope, chill out), but I had the urge to see what Mr. Pinkman was up to. Come to find out he was in our neck of the woods and was inviting his fans to come see ‘Mad Max’ with him! We dashed out of the restaurant and down the street to the Regal Cinema in Fenway. Just like he said he would be, we found Aaron hanging out outside the theater. He was so awesome, and after a moment of chatting he gave us a group hug and agreed to take one of those new fangled selfie pictures i’ve been hearing all about. Here it is…


Best night ever right? Well, it isn’t over just yet! He whips out a pile of movie tickets and gave us two and said “see you guys inside!”. So in we went to the theater! A few minutes later Aaron came in bearing two huge buckets of popcorn and a soda. He came up to us, gave us one of the popcorn buckets (instructed us to share with others in our row) and started to chat with us. Did I mention what an awesome guy he was?

Than you Aaron, for making our anniversary a night we won’t soon forget!



The Behind the Scenes Footage of “Mad Max: Fury Road” looks like a Circus

Mad Max like you’ve never seen it before!

Here’s a little BTS footage from the new Mad Max. All the practical effects makes me very excited for this movie to hit the silver screen.


I Wish I Was A Kid Again – Mad Max Power Wheels Are Here!

Oh sweet baby Bill Paxton are those things awesome! Now, before you jump down my throat with the “those can’t be real” and the “There is no way a company would sell those”, because believe me i was thinking the same thing until I did a little further research.

Drifters copy

How cool would you have been to be the kid in the neighborhood with one of these bad boys? Just pulling up to your buddy in the big wheel and just monster trucking his ride like it ain’t no thang. Infinity cool points as a toddler. Is it too much to buy one of these now and save it for my future movie-loving son? Maybe. Will I do it anyway? Probably. HUGE kudos going to for coming up with this amazing product.


PS Think it will hold 250 pounds of twisted steel and Happy Meals?

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