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Twitter News Weekly: #FiveWordsToRuinADate – I Don’t Like Randy Savage

On this week’s episode, we explore Twitter dating trends and talk about the long awaited induction of the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame. Also, Matt eats an entire watermelon!

– The Average Nobodies

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage Will Be The First Member Of The WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2015

Ouuuu yeahhh! The ‘Macho Man’, the man that was too hot to handle and too cold to hold, is finally going into the WWE Hall of Fame. It took longer than expected, but I’m glad Vince McMahon put whatever bad feelings he had for Savage behind him and finally decided it was time to induct one of the most legendary wrestlers in┬áthe history of the business. Last night following Raw, WWE aired a 25 minute preview of their Macho Man DVD, the first of it’s kind that will feature an actual documentary on Savage including interviews with his family and fellow wrestlers. It was just a sneak peak, but they get into Macho’s early days when he was creating his character, and it’s easy to forget just how memorable he was OUTSIDE of the ring. A lot of people like to bring up his matches and his promos, but the whole ‘Macho Man’ experience was something to see. It started with his entrance music, Pomp and Circumstance, a song that only Savage could have used so effectively. He would come through the curtain in his custom made robes, hats, sunglasses and ring gear, and your eyes were immediately drawn to him. His original valet, Miss Elizabeth, made the pair a real life Beauty and the Beast, and made Macho a much more sympathetic character during his baby face World Title run. His matches and promos were always top notch, if not insane, but it was all the intangibles Savage brought to the table that truly made him one of the greats. Congrats to Macho and the Poffo family. Nobody deserves it more.

– Ryan


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