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Let’s Talk About Apple’s New Toy

macbookproYesterday, Apple  announced their new line of MacBook Pros. They feature thinner frames, faster processors, better battery life, less (zero) usb ports and a new product Apple calls the Touch Bar. Admittedly not the most clever name for this cool piece of tech, but like most apple product names, it will grow on me. i.e. iPad (Think about how ridiculous that name is).

In simple terms, the Touch Bar is a long, multi-touch surface that adapts to what you’re doing on your MacBook Pro. Using Final Cut? The bar lets you scrub through your timeline for editing. Photoshop has shortcuts, etc, etc. The Touch Bar is sure to make some things we do on MacBooks significantly easier and some things more annoying. Those are the facts. It will be implemented cleverly with 1st party apps, but third part will be hit or miss…in my opinion. But, the Touch Bar isn’t a huge selling point for me. See, I was excited for new MacBook Pros whether or not they had this rumored addition.

apple-fbi-514451372I bought my first MacBook Pro in the summer of 2012. Its a 15″ beauty with 250gb of ssd storage and a BEAUTIFUL Retina display. Before this little bundle of magic, I had a Mac Mini (2006) and a 27″ iMac (2010). All great devices, but nothing compared to my MacBook Pro. This Read the rest of this entry

From Compton to Cupertino, Dr. Dre is Raps First Billionaire



Congrats Dre, you have made it to where no rapper has gone before…BILLIONS. While the deal seems pretty clear – Apple acquires Beats Audio – lets look at what is actually happening. What Apple really bought isn’t the over priced, mediocre, headphones, nope, what Apple actually bought was the Beats name, notoriety, and their streaming service, Beats Music. beats_by_dre_headphones_02_by_rauljoe-d33x86bWith music sales down Apple knows the the future of music isn’t in paid downloads, but rather in music streaming services such as Spotify, Groove Shark, and Pandora. Apple seems to be poised for a big couple of months with their acquisition of Beats Audio leading the charge. Will we see a “Beats” tag on the new iPhone? Tune in next week for Apple’s yearly even to find out!


Mac Miller – “Youforia”

Awesome video, awesome song, talented guy. Can’t deny that Mac Miller makes some great music. Before I started my sick love obsession with Norah Jones his song, “Missed Calls”, was top played on my iTunes by far! Looks like his concerts would be a blast to attend.

GetWatching Movies With The Sound Off on iTunes now:


PS- The Twerk Queen Agrees!

Chase Utley Responding to Mac from “Always Sunny” Is Kind Of The Coolest Thing Ever

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia kicks off season 9 tonight, and whether this has anything to do with it isn’t clear, but what is clear is that it’s awesome. I guess Chase Utley was impressed by Mac’s speed after all. Oh what a glorious game of catch it will be.

– Ryan

The Spinning Beach Ball of Death

When I see this…


…I feel like this



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