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Music Monday – Stubborn Love

Turn the clocks back to late 2012/early 2013, Ryan and I discover The Lumineers’ debut album and our CD players would never be the same. We loved/love this album so much that we once listened to it, on repeat, on a drive from Rhode Island to DC…and back. While the entire album is fire, ‘Stubborn Love’ is my favorite track from their first album.

Go ahead, add some Lumineers to your Monday, you’re gonna like the way it feels, I guarantee it.


Hozier is my New Music Obsession

If you haven’t seen the new Beat commercial staring Lebron James, then watch it now.

That song got me pumped up so much that I needed to find out who it was. The artist is Hozier and the song is “Take Me to Church”. After listening to that song 100 times I decided to check out his whole album and it’s MAGIC. I’ll have to put in into rotation between The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men.


Harry Carey & The Lumineers Sing “Ho Hey”

Have a great weekend everybody.

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