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#MusicMonday: Carrie Underwood Featuring Ludacris – The Champion

I’m pretty sure it’s a rule that any major sporting event has to have an official song. If you’re the NFL, chances are you’re asking Carrie Underwood to perform that song. She sings the opening for Sunday Night Football and is an overall pleasure whenever she’s on TV. With NBC hosting the Winter Olympics and Superbowl LII, Underwood was called upon to deliver a jam. She did not disappoint.

Carrie Underwood featuring Ludacris – The Champion

I first heard this song Saturday and I haven’t listened to another song since. Carrie Underwood is her natural, wonderful self and Ludacris is the master of rapping over pop beats. If this was NBC’s plan to get me to tune in to the Winter Olympics, it worked like a charm.



Furious 7 Opens With a Monster Weekend – Did you Expect Anything Else?


The recently released Furious 7 isn’t just the most ridiculous entry in the fourteen-year-old Fast and Furious franchise — it’s also become by far the biggest opening weekend earner in the entire series. This weekend saw Furious 7take $384 million worldwide, with $143.6 million of that coming from the domestic audience. That makes it not only the biggest April opening weekend of all time…

To put that in perspective, that’s more than every single movie in the Twilight saga, more than Sony’s first Spider-Man movie, and far more than every single Star Warsmovie got on their first weekends. Furious 7‘s domestic launch was the biggest since 2013’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the sixth biggest movie launch in US history, which raked in $158 million on its first weekend. – The Verge

Did you really think Furious 7 was going to do anything other than blow the roof off the box office? The shock isn’t in the fact that they did what they did, but that they deserved it. I saw Furious 7 last Thursday in IMAX and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. You want Vin Diesel to slug it out with Jason Statham? You got it. You want The Rock to shoot a predator drone clean out of the sky with his bare hands? You got that. You want Vin and Paul to jump a 4 million-dollar supercar between two of the tallest buildings in the world? You got that too. Mix in some hacking, fast cars, tuxedos, mountains, white tank tops, Kurt Russel, and all the Corona you can drink and you’ve got Furious 7.


PS. Not to mention the last 5 minutes is the saddest i’ve been in a movie theater since “Armageddon”

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