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@LuchaElRey Had Their First Show Of 2015 Last Night & Continue To Be The Best Wrestling Show On TV

This highlight clip from Bloody Johny is great, but it really doesn’t do this match justice. In their first show of 2015, Lucha Underground held an Aztec Warfare match to crown their first ever champion. The rules of the Aztec warfare are simple: the match starts with two wrestlers, or Luchas, and a new Lucha enters the ring every 90 seconds until all 20 competitors have entered the match. A Lucha can only be eliminated by pinfall or submission, and the match is no count outs and no DQ’s. It’s basically the Royal Rumble on steroids. Also, imagine this: an entire show of wrestling. Besides owner/resident grease ball Dario Cueto’s opening promo explaining the rules of the match, the ENTIRE show is the Aztec Warfare match. The only thing I can tell you is that you should go out of your way to watch this match. There are too many highlights for one video or myself to tell you about here, but if you love expert storytelling, high flying action and wrestling in general you will love this match. Also, Aztecs beat a ceremonial drum to countdown every wrestler from 10 until they get into the ring. I don’t think I can love something more.

The best thing about last night’s Lucha Underground? It’s nothing new. Lucha Underground has been the best wrestling show on TV for months, and between them and NXT, it’s proof positive that great wrestling still exists when the people in charge care about the product. I will always be a fan of the WWE, but I’m glad Lucha Underground has created such a fun and exciting alternative.

– Ryan

If You Like Wrestling, You Should Be Watching Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground has aired three episodes, the latter of which I caught up on last night, and if you like wrestling, you should be watching this show. It’s the perfect blend of an actual TV drama mixed with amazing Lucha Libre wrestling. It’s directed by Robert Rodriguez and Mark Burnett, who bring the TV background to the show, including awesome Lucha profile vignettes which allow the audience to get to know the wrestlers they’re watching. The rest of the show is pure wrestling, with the most basic storyline in play: good vs. evil. Some of the wrestlers people may recognize: Johnny Mundo (formerly John Morrison), Chavo Guerrero, Mil Muertes (Judas Mesias in TNA) and the announce team of Matt Striker and Vampiro. The rest of the roster is made up of AAA (the Mexican promotion) talent and independent wrestlers from around the world. It takes place in “The Temple”, a grungy looking arena with a wrestling ring and an office for it’s on-air owner Dario Cueto. Cueto is evil, and he uses his power and money to corrupt wrestlers into doing his dirty work. While he is compelling, and the backstage vignettes have movie type quality, the thing that hooked me was the wrestling. I’m not familiar with AAA or the true Lucha Libre style, so the matches these men and women put on are amazing. Guys like Prince Puma, Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Drago and the formerly mentioned Johnny Mundo absolutely tear the house down with every match. The back stories they do on each wrestler not only enhance the talent, but they help you decide whether you love or hate the wrestler. Lucha Underground has a different feel from TNA or even WWE, and that’s a great thing. They have great talent, great production value and an announce team only worried about getting the wrestlers over. Go out of your way to give this show a try. It airs Wednesday at 8PM on the El Rey Network. You won’t be disappointed.

– Ryan

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