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The Bucs Fired Lovie Smith….Wait, What?


Not at all the headline I was expecting coming out of the Buc’s camp on a quiet Wednesday night….but I’m fine….this is fine….we’re going to be fine…

Let’s take a look at Lovie’s first two years as Buccaneers head coach.

First year. Team goes 2-14. Not great, but there was a lot to be excited about. A young stud receiver in Mike Evans (who made Josh McCown and Mike Glennon look like all-stars), bright spots all around the defense and a coach that knows how to get a lot out of his players.

Second year. The Bucs win 6 games and move their lowly 29th ranked offense into the 5th spot. Jameis Winston comes on strong in his first season, breaking every Buccaneer rookie QB record and finishing 3rd all-time for passing yards from a rookie QB (behind Cam Newton and Andrew Luck).The Defense has finally woken up from its long slumber and started to make plays, they moved from 25th to 10th YPG.

But yeah, let’s fire Lovie.

P.S.- If this is true, unclassy as HELL.

Glennon Gets No Lovie


Before I begin I would like to assure the New England Average Nobodies that we have channels in place so that we can get more local sports coverage besides the Sox. I promise. Having said that, back to Tampa.

Once again Mike Glennon gets no love from the Bucs coaching staff. Lovie Smith announced this week that he would not name the 2nd year QB their week 5 starter…yet. With Josh McClown….i’m sorry, McCown*, still nursing a hand injury it will have to be later in the week before Lovie makes his choice. Because you know, beating the Steelers and getting the first tally in the win column isn’t enough to beat out a veteran guy that looks like he hasn’t played football before…oh and has a sprained throwing hand. I get it, Lovie doesn’t want to look like the idiot that went out and paid for McCown when you had your starter in pewter and red all along. Makes sense, but come on man! Our season depends on it. McCown is not the future so lets see what this Nebraska boys got!



Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Pittsburgh Steelers

MIke Williams is a Bad Man, Very Bad Man



In case you haven’t seen it, the Buccaneers star wide-out, Mike Williams, was stabbed in the leg…BY HIS BROTHER.




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The Buccaneers Have New Jerseys To Match Their New Helmets







That is a drastic change! A lot of NFL teams “spruce up” their uniforms with slightly different colors, maybe a logo change, but the Buccaneers went full on reboot with their new helmets and unis. I love every thread of this design. Definitely getting a Glennon jersey. GLENNON, NEEEEDDDD YAAAA KIDDD

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