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#SNL Fridays – Tenement Museum

Louis CK hosted one of the weirdest episodes of season 42, but the weirdest shows always end up being my favorite. This was the final sketch of the night, one in which Louis CK’s accent was so bad it caused Kate McKinnon to break character. Have a great weekend everybody.


My Favorite Sketch From Saturday’s #SNL40Finale – Louis C.K.’s Hilariously Uncomfortable Monologue

This obviously wasn’t a sketch, but it was probably my favorite part of the show. Louis C.K. was tasked with closing out season 40 of SNL, and he did a pretty great job. Louie is always a fun host, and his monologues are usually a shortened version of his stand up act, and he always adds a bit of controversy to his jokes. Saturday’s monologue was no exception, as he started off talking about racism and ended it with an odd homage to sex offenders. As much as bits of it made me uncomfortable, C.K. has the ability to deliver certain jokes or statements that shouldn’t make you laugh in a way that is impossible not to smirk at. He’s facing backlash online over this monologue, but I think Louie knows that no matter what he says, SOMEONE is going to find it offensive, so why not offend the masses?

– Ryan


My Favorite Sketch From Last Week’s #SNL – Mr. Westerberg

Reese Witherspoon stopped by SNL this weekend to pull off the hosting duties, and she was delightful. The show started with a Republican sketch that never really hit, but every sketch Witherspoon was involved in I enjoyed, especially the two times she paired up with Cecily Strong (the LA talk show sketch and Weekend Update). My favorite sketch was actually a Hallmark spoof, with Bobby Moynihan playing the office boss, Mr. Westerberg. All the employees are doing impressions of him in his peculiar voice until Beck Bennett’s character shares a little too much information. The reaction faces from Vanessa Bayer, Reese and Kenan were great, and SNL continues to nail these strange sketches. Louis CK hosts the season 40 finale (!) this Saturday, in what should be an awesome episode.

– Ryan

SNL Has Announced The Last Three Hosts For Season 40 & They’re All Spectacular

Season 40 of SNL is coming to a close, but not before three more action packed episodes starting next Saturday. Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Louis CK will close out the season, with Wiz Khalifa, Florence & The Machine and Rihanna paired up as the musical guests. CK is always wonderful on SNL, and Johansson and Witherspoon are that perfect combination of star power with the ability to get a little bit weird for a laugh. The SNL crew has had a few weeks off, so hopefully they come out swinging for the fences starting next Saturday. If we don’t get an encore edition of Louis as Abraham Lincoln in the season finale I might burn my house down.

– Ryan

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