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The Main Event Of NXT TakeOver In October Will Be Bayley vs. Sasha Banks In A 30 Minute Iron Man Match

In what might end up being the peak of the NXT Women’s division, NXT Women’s champion Bayley will take on Sasha Banks in a 30 minute Iron Man match in the main event of NXT TakeOver in October. I honestly cannot remember the last time (or if it ever happened) that the women were the main event of a big time show like this, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Guys like Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn have the name appeal, but what HHH, Sara Del Rey and all the NXT women have done over the past few years is remarkable. Great matches, great storytelling and most importantly competitors that love and respect pro wrestling and give it their all every time they’re in the ring. I don’t know if they can top their match from TakeOver Brooklyn, but I’m excited to see them try.


The Next NXT TakeOver Special Will Be December 16th Live From London, England

Per HHH on Twitter this afternoon, the next NXT TakeOver special will be LIVE from London, England on December 16th. Assuming they won’t be having the crowd there at 1 in the morning, the special will probably air in the afternoon here in the states on the WWE Network. You had to expect NXT would keep expanding, especially after the incredible success of last Saturday’s special in Brooklyn. The event in London will be held in the SSE Arena, which has a capacity of 12,500 people, so it should be a similar look as Brooklyn’s show. My only request is that William Regal opens the show with a 4 and half hour standing ovation.


Trailer Alert – Legend

What’s better than Tom Hardy starring in a movie about London gangsters who ruled the city in the 1950s and 1960s? Tom Hardy playing BOTH identical twin gangsters who ruled London in the 1950s and 60s. Whoever cast this movie must have Freddy Krueger’d me and somehow watched all my dreams, because a double dose of Tom Hardy is like one of my dreams come to life. Hardy plays both Ronald and Reginald Kray who were the premier gangster/mobsters in London during the 50s and 60s, dabbling in arson, armed robberies and even murder. My favorite Hardy roles are when he’s had to be a physical actor (Bronson, Warrior, Dark Knight Rises) and judging from the action in this trailer, he’ll be in plenty of fisticuffs throughout the film. At this time it’s not scheduled to be released in the US (it comes out in the UK in September) and if that doesn’t change I’m going to be sad for the rest of the my life.

– Ryan

Steve Carell and Leslie Mann Need Some French Toast

Judd Apatow and his real life wife Leslie Mann attended the Anchorman 2 premiere last night, and he caught Steve Carell and his wife catching up on some unfinished business.


Let’s hope it involved getting some fucking French toast.

– Ryan

The Most Depressing Study in History Proves People with Severe Allergies Are More Likely to Be Murdered Than Die of an Allergic Reaction

(Source) People with a food allergy are more likely to be murdered than to die from a severe allergic reaction, new research has found.

One in 10 children have an allergy and their parents often worry about the dangers of a severe reaction, or anaphylaxis.

Now researchers at Imperial College London have calculated the risk of a person with a food allergy dying from anaphylaxis.

I’m glad that whoever did this study wants everyone to feel good about the results. “It’s rare that you’ll die from an allergic reaction…but there is a solid chance you’re going to get murdered.” That’s horrifying. I honestly wish the chances were higher of dying from an allergic reaction. Getting murdered just seems a lot less fun. At least if you’re going out with a horrible allergic reaction you have a shot to be eating something delicious. If I were die with a belly full of peanuts I’d be pretty satisfied. If I were hunted down and taken out by someone who looks like the creature in that picture I’d be very upset. Give me the allergic reaction all day.

– Ryan

London Must Be The Most Boring Place On The Planet

LONDON, July 17 (UPI) — Margaret Rhodes, British Queen  Elizabeth II’s first cousin, says she “is not terribly” excited about the  impending birth of Prince  William‘s first child. Rhodes made the comment when CNN’s Christiane Amanpour  asked her this week if she is excited about the new addition to the royal  family. “Not terribly,” she laughed. “Well, you know, everybody has babies, and it’s  lovely. I don’t get wildly excited about it.” “Really?” Amanpour asked. “Not even for the next heir to the throne?  History?” “Yes, all right, I’m prepared to be excited,” Rhodes said. William’s wife Kate  Middleton reportedly was due to give birth to their first child July 11, but  the palace hasn’t confirmed her due date and the baby has yet to arrive. NBC News said Middleton’s mom, Carole, has told friends the child will be a  Leo, an astrological sign whose dates don’t begin until July 23. Middleton also has been spending time at her parents’ country house — miles  from the London hospital where she intends to give birth — suggesting she’s not  expecting her baby until next week, said. William is the queen’s grandson. –

In the US THIS WEEK we had a murder trial that exposed the major flaws in our justice system, a TV star overdosed on heroin and heated abortion debates are consuming one of our largest states. None of those stories compare to the bombshell coming out of London, England this morning. The Queen’s first cousin “isn’t terribly excited” about the birth of Prince Williams baby. The balls on this lady. Comments like this will surely rock the country of England to it’s very core. How boring must it be to live in London? I know America is insane and we’re guilty of shining the spotlight on all of the wrong people and things, but at least we’re not boring. Fatally flawed, yes. But not boring. Meanwhile everyone in London is walking around with umbrella’s talking about how the Queen’s first cousin couldn’t give two shits about the birth of a royal baby. Hey lady, stick to tea, crumpets and cricket. That’s the English way.

– Ryan

P.S. It’s always bothered me that the English put the word “terribly” in front of the word “excited”. Are you bad at being excited? Get your shit together and butcher the language like an American.

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