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LOGAN Spoilercast

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD – Review and synopsis of ‘Logan.’ Twitter @MakeMoviesGreat, Voicemail Number 401-285-8120.


Ep 3 – Should Mel Gibson direct a Suicide Squad sequel?

Opening (00:00 – 00:56), Trailers of the week (00:56 –  11:40), Fastest 30 seconds (11:40 – 12:50), Ben Affleck out as Batman (12:50 – 27:40), Rufio prequel? (27:40 – 31:15), What are we watching (31:15 – 49:23), Wrap up (49:23 – 54:02)

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Trailer Alert – Final ‘LOGAN’ Trailer

There’s not much that needs to be said about this trailer; so i’ll just leave you with a Kevin Smith tweet about it.


Trailer Alert – LOGAN

What a hell of a way to greet this wonderful Thursday. I woke up expecting news to be buzzing about the new Nintendo NX console, meanwhile the peeps over at Marvel pull a fast one and drop this nuke right on my dome piece. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. This is no normal superhero movie. Wolverine’s last stand is promised to grittier and darker than anything we’ve seen in X-men, or any other superhero, movies. Yeah, Deadpool was rated R and that was an awesome flick. I have a feeling this is going to be rated R for a whole other set of reasons. Get out the freeze chamber and put me into hyper sleep until March 3*.

*But please wake me for Rogue One. Then put me back to sleep.


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