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The Little Boy Asking To ‘Pet The Titties’ Because He Can’t Pronounce The Letter ‘K’ Is My New Favorite Person

Little kids with speech impediments for the win. I didn’t know pronouncing your K’s as T’s was a thing but now I that I know it is I want to wrangle up all the kids in the world with this speech problem and surrounding them with a thousand cats. Just have everyone asking me to pet the titties and have the best day of my life. This video is proof that little kids are hilarious and cannot do anything wrong. If I asked someone to pet the titties I’d be in a nice padded cell, but this kid is going to be a YouTube darling for years to come.

– Ryan


The Smartest Kid In The World Only Stops Crying When He’s Nestled In Nikki Minaj’s Boobs

A+ effort here. It’s a ballsy move that pays off and you can see it all in this kids’ face. He’s balling his eyes out and whispers something to Nicki Minaj, so she gently lays his head in her boobs and that frown turns upside in a goddamn millisecond. That’s the beauty of little kids. If I go onstage and start crying and ask for that I’m a weirdo. But this little kid does it and he’s the man. It’s not fair, but I respect the hell out of it. Nikki Minaj’s cleavage seems like a wonderful place to be.

– Ryan

Wicked Pissah GIFs, From Bostons Wicked Pissah Sunday





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