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Jimmy Fallon Battles Emma Stone

For the people¬†wondering what Jimmy brings to the table that Jay Leno didn’t already have, here is your answer. Don’t get me wrong, I like Leno (His car collection makes me 1,000,000% jealous), but he was for a different generation. Jimmy Fallon is the late night host this generation, and past generations, needs and deserves.


PS- I know why Jimmy Fallon does this recurring segment, because no one is better than him. Although Emma might be his best competition yet.

Just In Case You Wanted To Get Your Rave on to a Disney Tune

Jam city, population: “Let it go (Remix)”


Nothing says “let’s go clubbing” like the soundtrack of an Oscar nominated Disney movie.

J-Law Dancing in a Deleted Scene From ‘American Hustle’ Can be Best Described as Majestic

Is there anything J-Law can’t do? She moves with such a natural flow that I can’t tell where the music stops and she begins. ¬†I can’t blame David O. Russell for cutting this out of the theatrical version of the film. How are the rest of the cast suppose to compete with this? You just don’t. J-Law bogarting ‘American Hustle’ for the win.


Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync Battle Part 2 Featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant

I love Conan, but nobody seems to have more fun doing late night TV than Jimmy Fallon. Whether he’s reuniting Jesse and The Rippers, having hash tag conversations with Justin Timberlake, or spoofing Breaking Bad, Fallon always comes off as the coolest guy in the room. His lip sync karaoke segment is no different. He created the segment a few months back with John Krasinski, and now he’s back at it with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Office co-creator Stephen Merchant. I can’t wait until he takes over The Tonight Show, but for now, let’s enjoy the lip syncing.

– Ryan

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