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The Broadway Cast’s Of ‘Lion King’ & ‘Aladdin’ Had An Airport Sing Off During A Flight Delay

I never thought I’d say this, but I wish I was stuck at the airport on this day. How amazing would it have been to be there? You’re at LaGuardia airport just absolutely hating your life and then an enormous group of people just start singing in perfect harmony and your day is instantly brighter. Then they get into ‘Circle of Life’ and you start thinking about YOUR life and if you’re really at the job you love, and before you know it your whole life is completely changed. As much as I would have loved to be there, I can’t remember the last time I was at an airport and wasn’t really drunk, so I probably would have been yelling for them to sing ‘Fast Car’ by Tracey Chapman and ruined the whole thing.

– Ryan

A Holiday Inn In Panama City, Florida Plays ‘The Circle Of Life’ Every Morning at 11am To Wake Up The Spring Breakers

LKEvery March the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach is booked full with spring breakers and one of the reasons it’s a spring break hot spot is the unique way they wake their guests up in the morning.

It’s not your typical wake up call. Every morning at 11, the Holiday Inn Resort blasts “The Circle of Life” from The Lion King.

“I think it’s awesome I cried the first day because I was so happy I thought it was so cool,” said spring breaker, Mary Waller.

When the music starts, spring breakers gather on their balconies singing and cheering.

“It was a song that worked real well as a wake up call because of the loud beat in it and it also works real well because of the message of the song. It fits with the kids and the mood and what they’re going through right now,” said Holiday Inn Marketing Director, Philip Corvin.

This is one of the most ingenious ideas I’ve ever seen. Every other spring break story I’ve read involves fights, missing people or angry residents yelling at kids like they didn’t do the same thing when they were in college. It’s refreshing to see some place embrace the madness. The Holiday Inn is making a shit ton of money off these kids, and while I’m sure they get out of hand from time to time, it’s spring break. If you want to be around a bunch of well behaved, quiet kids then you probably shouldn’t to go Panama Beach in mid March. It’s just not going to work out. As for song choice, this is perfect. Everybody can relate to the Lion King, and hearing ‘The Circle of Life’ doesn’t get you fired up and make you want to drink 25 beers then I don’t know what will.

– Ryan

This Lion King Inspired Pizza Sign Is THE Best Sign You Will See All Day, Month, Year, Ever


This picture was originally shared back in December on Reddit and it’s sincerely one of the most creative signs at a restaurant I’ve seen in quite some time. First off you have the Lion King reference, which hits people in the nostalgia bone 10 out of 10 times. Then you take the iconic Rafiki/Simba scene and turn it into restaurant magic. I love this sign, and I want to know where it is so I can drive or fly or run there and buy some pizza. I don’t care if it tastes like dirt, this establishment deserves my money.

– Ryan

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