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026 Leonardo da Vinci is a fraud

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024 Oscar Wrap Up

A wrap up of the 2017 Academy Awards. Including a live reaction to La La Land getting the Oscar ripped from their hands.

019 Oscar Drinking Game

I Have a Raging Clue These Movies are Going to Be Awesome


The Wolf of Wall Street

From the people who brought us District 9 comes Elysium. Let me start by saying that I loved District 9.  The movie was pure original from start to finish.  No one has told the story of segregation and the plight of a people quite like that movie.  A mix you could only get by taking Alien and crashing it head first into any Spike Lee movie.  Now for Elysium.  This movie seems to follow the same look and feel as District 9 with a slightly different story…and Matt Damon.

The Wolf of Wall Street ,aka “The complete opposite of what my friends and I do on the weekends”, stars Big Leo, Matty McConaughey, Jonah “Fluctuating Weight” Hill, and “Carlos” from How I Met Your Mother (You might know him as Shane from The Walking Dead).  This movie looks like a smash hit right from the get-go. Look for Berno and I, in jean jackets/vests, camped out for tickets.