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Twitter News Weekly – Donald Trump & Lebron James Are Running For President in 2016

Brand spanking new Twitter News Weekly where we discuss Donald Trump running for President and Lebron James losing in the NBA Finals again. Also, are dinosaurs real?

– The Average Nobodies

Cleveland Weatherman Mark Johnson Took The Cavs Game 4 Loss In Stride. JK He Brought A Weed-Whacker Live On Air

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost game four of the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors last night and Cleveland weatherman/insane person Mark Johnson had an understandable reaction. By understandable, I mean deranged. He brought out a weed whacker and cut a piece of paper, which I guess signifies the Warriors getting away with fouls? His next act was legitimately funny, as he advised viewers that JR Smith and Iman Shumpert hit four more shots combined than he had tonight, and then picked up a cinderblock which I’m assuming he thought was a brick. If this is his reaction to a game four loss, I’m kind of scared for the people of Cleveland if the Cavs lose this series.

– Ryan

Lebron James Thinks Lebron James Should Be The MVP Of The NBA This Season

NBAWho would get LeBron James’ vote for this season’s Most Valuable Player?

Why, LeBron James, of course.

On Wednesday, the National Basketball Players Association announced that NBA players will be able to vote in their own regular-season awards, called the “Players Choice Awards,” for the first time this year.

James told ESPN that he knows exactly who’d get his vote for MVP:

James said that players can’t vote for themselves for awards. But who would his vote be for MVP this year?

“Myself,” James said.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star added that he strongly supports the idea of players voting for awards.

“Guys are going to be able to recognize the guys they play against every night and what they do for their franchises,” the four-time MVP told ESPN.

Sarcastic Clapping

Everybody give Lebron James a big round of applause. He somehow got an impossibly talented team to second place in the incredible Eastern Conference where only 5 teams are above .500, so obviously he should be the MVP. And just like Kanye loves him some Kanye, Lebron loves him some Lebron. Just like every other team Lebron was ever on, I hope the Cavs get mauled in the playoffs, which probably won’t happen until the second round since the team they play in the first round will most likely end up with more losses than wins on the season. I know teams have no control over how sucky the rest of the conference is, but they do have control over thinking they actually accomplished something this year. Lebron, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love make up three of the starting five players. You could realistically put me and Matt at the other two positions and win 40 games in the Eastern Conference. Since they did not do that, they have JR Smith and Timofey Mozgov round out the starting five, and although his name is spelt kind of stupidly, Mozgov is a pretty decent center. I’m not drinking the Lebron for MVP Kool-Aid, and I’m much more interested in guy’s like Steph Curry and James Harden, who actually play in a real conference.

– Ryan


‘Together’, The New Nike Ad Featuring Lebron James is [Insert Cool Adjective Here]

I really enjoyed this commercial, mostly because I really enjoy any commercial Nike puts out. They’re the sports version of the WWE when it comes to video packages. Lebron returns to Cleveland tonight, now a multi time champion and now with a team built around him that has a real chance at winning an NBA championship. Whether you love or hate him, he’s one of the best basketball players ever who grew up in a tortured sports city and now has a shot to bring a title to his hometown. Playing with Kyrie and Kevin Love will only make him better, and Cleveland will be a must watch team all season. If my Mavs are ever out of it this year, I’m rooting for the Cavs. For now, enjoy the hype.

– Ryan

Insane Instagram Comments – Lebron James



Not even King James is safe from internet trolls. Really, shredman130? Really? You can literally see The King’s 6 pack tearing through his shirt. If Lebron James is fat then there isn’t a cow in Texas, and I know for a FACT that there are cows in Texas. Lots of them.

Nobody Knows How to Create A Media Circus like ESPN and Bron Bron





Hey Cleveland Fans

Before you start jumping back on the Lebron dick train I want you to remember one thing….

Have a GREAT season you animals.

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