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Danielle Fishel (Topanga) Has the Potential to Have the Longest Prime Ever

The cast of ‘Girl Meets World’ threw out the first pitch at the Dodgers game last night, and I’m definitely not going to spend my whole summer re-watching ‘Boy Meets World’ because I miss it so much. Anyway, an important revelation came out of last night’s first pitch: Danielle Fishel, who played Topanga, is still smoking hot. She did a Maxim spread last year that was probably my favorite thing ever, and to see her again last night solidified the fact that she’s in the middle of one of the longest primes of all-time. Topanga Lawrence’s is my generation’s TV crush, so my opinion may be biased, but you can’t deny the photographic evidence of her insane hotness.





That’s a solid 15 years of greatness, and she’s only 33. With her genes and the advancement in modern science, I could see her continuing this trend for another 10-15 years. Show me someone who wasn’t in love with Topanga Lawrence and I’ll show you a piece of shit liar. It’s as simple as that.

– Ryan

Jennifer Lawrence Named Sexiest Woman in the World – Ya Don’t Say?

In other news, the sky is blue, the grass is green and pills are good. At 23, I can’t see Jennifer Lawrence relinquishing the crown anytime soon. Shine on.





– Ryan

Jennifer Lawrence Signing a Box of Cheeze-Its Like a Goddamn Boss

spl653171_007 copy

You’re coming home from the supermarket and out of the blue comes this short haired goddess. I don’t know if I would’ve gone with the cheeze-its but you’re not gonna not get Jennifer Lawrence’s autograph. Jlaw can sign my Cheeze-Its any day of the week if you know what I mean. Actually, I don’t even know what that means. What I do know is that coat is fantastic and Jennifer Lawrence is my hero.

– Ryan

H/T Celebuzz

The Hunger Games are Reinventing the Sequel Genre



Sequels are overplayed in Hollywood. There’s no doubt about it. The lack of original screenplays are evident when Iron Man has 3 movies, Dumb and Dumber and Anchorman have sequels and every movie Sylvester Stallone is in has a universe that covers 5 decades. In small doses, most of these movies are enjoyable, and for the most part, are profitable at the box office. But there’s only so many times we can watch Robert Downey Jr. fly around in a space suit, or Tom Cruise narrowly escape after he falls out of a building. Repetition has taken the place of creativity. Instead of taking a chance on new ideas and characters, Hollywood has kept their eggs in the sequel basket. While most of these sequels aren’t living up to expectations, the Hunger Games are blowing them away.

Maybe it’s because the movies are based on easy to read, action packed books (I wouldn’t know. I can’t read). Maybe it’s because the storyline is different from any other present day blockbuster. Maybe it’s because I’m in love with Jennifer Lawrence and I’m 97% sure we’re soup snakes. Whatever IT is, the Hunger Games is doing IT right. They have a perfect blend of young (JLaw, Hutcherson and Hemsworth) and veteran (Donald Sutherland, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci) actors. The script is based off the books, who’s blend of story/action translates well to the big screen. The action in the movie isn’t action for the sake of action, it’s necessary action to forward the storylines. What was lacking in the first movie (too much focus on the capital and districts once the games had started) was changed in Catching Fire, and it created a smooth, easy to watch film. The buildup to the actual hunger games was given enough time to explain the plot while developing the characters the director wanted you to care about. The action, which has always been the strong point of the movies, was great. They were able to introduce a new hero (Finnick) while still keeping the spotlight on the relationship between Katniss and Peeta. Start to finish, Catching Fire was one of the best sequels in recent memory. For the first time in a long time, when it comes to movie franchises, people should be genuinely excited for what’s to come.

– Ryan

Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair and Surprise! She’s Still on Fire




There’s a recurring theme in the three pictures above: Jennifer Lawrence’s insane hotness. Short hair, long hair, straight hair, blonde hair, brown hair; unless she gets a face transplant she’s still going to be one of the hottest woman on the planet. Since we’re close to the same age and we’re pretty even in the popularity category, I’ve assumed the responsibility of protecting her from the wrath of media. Still waiting on a dinner date as a thank you.

– Ryan

Monsterblog Wednesday: Lord Stanley’s Smokes

Since the very first dawn shed it’s light upon the earliest of our ancestors there has been one question that has haunted mankind above any other. Before fire, before the wheel, even before language when grunts and fist-fighting were more than adequate for debating. One eternal discussion, one unsolvable mystery. Who’s the hottest of them all?

We here at Average Nobodies are not above such discussion. In fact we had this debate over the weekend. Except we wanted to add a little twist in the light of how fucking awesome the Bruins are playing at the moment. We decided to leave behind the top ten lists, forget about the top fives. Lets make a hockey line-up of who we think are the hottest celebs out there.


The rules
1. One goalie two defenders and three forwards.
2. You have to explain why you picked them and why they’re at a certain position.
3. Fuck rules do whatever you want.
4. Bill Paxton and George Clooney are fair game.

Here goes nothing!

Team 1

F-Kate Beckinsale
F-Kate Upton
F-Kate Hudson
D-Alicia Keys
D-Norah Jones
G-Michelle Rodriguez

Let me first start with the heart and soul of my team: Kate Beckinsale
Kate Upton, and Kate Hudson; Kate Cubed, if you will. These lovely ladies are my ice melting goal scorers. With Upton in the middle and Beckinsale and Hudson on either side of you (Oh jesus..picture that for a minute) you cannot lose. Now lets move behind them to the defense. This hard hitting duo is sure to leave your ears ringing with sweet melodies. Norah Jones and Alicia Keys, concert pianists, song writers, and beautiful brawlers. If, for some insane reason, you are able to penetrate any of the pre-menitoned girls (See what i’m doing here?) then you have reached my goalie, the “tough girl” of the silver screen, Michelle Rodriguez. Michelle is used to dominating in a mans world and she will do no different here. Don’t mess with THIS goalie, she will for sure knock you out (I’m pretty positive that’s actually true)

P.S. Coach – Demi Moore-Willis-Kutcher (Scorpion Woman)



Team 2

F-Scarlett Johanson
F-Emma Watson
F-Salma Hayek
D-Eva Mendes
D- Olivia Munn
G-Jennifer Lawrence

Coach- Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. A.k.a Kate Middleton.

This team needs little introduction, if any at all. You know em, you’ve seen em, you know what they’re capable of, and that’s greatness. The perfect mix of young upstarts and seasoned veterans. You have the ones who’ve been to the title game and brought home the trophy (Scarlett, Eva and Ms, Hayek) while at the same time benefiting from the hungry newcomers (Emma, Olivia, and J-Law).

Need I explain my choice at coach? The Duchess of Cambridge? Boss as hell, pregnant or not.

Three smokin’ forwards, two bombshell defenders and the maybe the most promising young talent of her draft class, J-Law, holding strong in net. Stanley Cup Lock of the Millenium.

-Sean Lite-

Team 3

F Rosie Jones
F Paulina Gretzky
F Maryse Ouellet
D Rachel McAdams
D Charlize Theron
G Olivia Wilde

Coach- Gwen Stefani

Offense: I got Rosie Jones, British supermodel, she’s got style, speed, and young, perfect left winger in my eyes. On the other side I have her compliment in the blonde bomber, ex WWE diva Maryse. She’s got champion written all over her and carries a few heavy shots. In the middle none other than the Great One’s daughter. The heir to the throne, Paulina Gretzky. The total package and unlike her father she ain’t afraid to throw down in a fight.

Defense: Ever seen Mean Girls? Rachel McAdams will straight up mind fuck you. When you’re charging down the ice and lock eyes with her you’re off your game and you don’t even know it.
Oh and there’s my enforcer, Charlize Theron. Not only can she get in your head, she’s got the size to back it up. She’s a big broad and I like it.

Goalie: Her name represents her style, Wilde. Olivia Wilde is my rock in the net. She’s been on a steady rise to the top and it’s only a matter of time before she stands alone at the top of the league.

Coach: I’ve always had a constant trust with Gwen Stefani. Smarts and looks, and she’s been so good for so long. She’s the perfect boss for my squad. She’s been to the top before, now it’s time to show the next generation the mountain.

I realize my team consists of hot chicks who are actual or pretend to be psychopaths, and that’s how I intended it.

+ Berno

Team 4

Forward – Stacey Keibler
Forward – Emmy Rossum
Forward – Nicky Whelan
Defense – Alice Greczyn
Defense – Miley Cyrus
Goalie/Coach – Jennifer Aniston

Stacey Keibler: 99% jealous she gets to skinny dip with Clooney, 1% ex WWE Diva. She stole my favorite man and my favorite passion and continually rubs it in my face. But she’s one of the hottest girls on the planet, and she’s got legs for days. Did I mention she dates Clooney?

Emmy Rossum: One of my three sleepers. If you don’t watch Shameless (you really should) then you might not know who Ms. Rossum is. She’s 5 feet and 8 inches of straight sex. Another absolute knockout who I know has a little freaky side. Also one hell of a talented actress. And she’s got great boobs. Between 5’8 Emmy and 5’11 Stacey I easily have the biggest forwards in the league. Game. Set. Match.

Nicky Whelan: My 2nd sleeper. She’s Australian. She’s gorgeous. She was in an episode of Workaholics and you get to see her boobs in Hall Pass. Talk about being four for four. If that’s enough, just remember that old French proverb: Australian girls make the best hockey players

Alice Greczyn: My 3rd sleeper. Just beyond words. Lights the screen on fire in Sex Drive, and I knew we had something special when I took the time to learn how to spell her last name right. A lot of people might ask why my forwards are monsters and I have little Alice on defense. Because this team has heart, and sweet angelic faces.

Miley Cyrus: The ultimate wildcard. 20 year old phenom. Already showing her freaky/dangerously insane side. Bleach blonde crew cut. Ass hanging out of every pair of shorts she’s ever worn. She’s gonna knock you down then spit in your mouth and possibly give you a venereal disease. If there’s one person I wouldn’t want to see coming at me on skates its Miley Fucking Cyrus.

Jennifer Aniston. The veteran. El Capitan. She’s been a boner machine since the mid 90s, and she hasn’t lost a step. Still smoking hot at the age of 44, still cool as hell. My most important piece to the puzzle. If I had to rank my 6 firecrackers JA would be numero uno. The young babes fight and claw for fame and glory, while she remains my rock in the net. She has made it to the mountaintop, and she likes the view. Just like in hockey, I’m riding the smoking hot goalie all the way to the championship. (I’m assuming this is a competition).

– Ryan

There ya have it! Let us know if you think we’re out of our minds, or if we’ve just constructed the first perfect squad of literal puck sluts!


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