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If You’re Not Following Kuli The One Eyed Surfing Cat On Instagram Then What The Hell Are You Doing With Your Life?

This is a serious question: why are you not following Kuli the one eyed surfing cat? If you willingly knew about this cat and decided not to follow it on Instagram and watch it’s videos then you’re a monster. Plain and simple. A one eyed cat is badass enough, but a one eyed surfing cat? I’d watch a movie, TV show, YouTube series or any other kind of video with a one eyed surfing cat in a heartbeat. I’m a two eyed human and I can’t surf, which is a topic for another day, but still shows you how impressive this feline is. My girlfriend has been begging me for a cat for almost two years, and I swear to Bill Paxton if I ever come into contact with Kuli she’s coming home with me.



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