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Anna Kendrick’s SNL Promos Give Me High Hopes for Her Hosting Debut Saturday Night

Can not wait for Saturday night. Louis C.K. was awesomely weird last week, and I’m hoping for more of the same with Anna Kendrick. The cool thing about actors like Anna Kendrick is that they can incorporate some musical sketches throughout the night because they know the host can nail it. Also, I need me some more Mike O’Brien this week. He’s slowly becoming my favorite cast member, and almost all of the sketches he’s in have just the right amount of weird to make it funny. Throw in a strong Weekend Update (last weeks sucked: ONE GUEST? Come on, SNL) and Pharrell’s big hat and this SNL should be pitch perfect (see what I did there).

– Ryan

Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar Rocked SNL

This ‘Radioactive’ remix is as good as it gets. Always nice to see two artists at or near the top of their respective genres combine for some musical magic. That it happened on stage 8H makes it all the better. In an unrelated note, I’m going to need a jacket with a fur hood pronto.

– Ryan

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