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SNL Spoofed TV Show Diversity In My Favorite Sketch From Saturday Night, ‘The Dudley’s’

The media’s favorite thing to do is skewer TV shows about their lack of diversity. Friends was a ratings hero and overall great show but now there are articles complaining that the cast was all white, and how that’s not an accurate depiction of people growing up in their 20’s. No current show gets more attention for their “diversity problem” more than SNL, so any time they get to push back at the media it’s fun, and that’s exactly what they did with “The Dudley’s”. Beck Bennett and Kate McKinnon are your typical white, sitcom family, but viewers are not pleased, which leads to some hysterical alterations. Call me crazy, but I’d watch the shit out of an intimate family drama starring Kenan Thompson and Woody Harrelson as lovers. Also, CRAZY EYES.

– Ryan

Woody Harrelson Is Hosting SNL This Week!

I’ve had a range of emotions when it comes to Woody Harrelson this week. Last night I watched Out of the Furnace, and if you haven’t seen it, just know that he plays a huge asshole psychopath. Then I watched these promos, which were delightful. Woody always give out that “happy to be here” vibe, so I’m assuming he’ll be open to pretty much anything this week, including imaginary slow motion old western shootouts. Also, what’re the chances he know who Kendrick Lamar is? I’m betting 1,000,000 to 1 that he has no clue.

– Ryan

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