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‘Commercial Shoot’ Is Will Ferrell & Kate McKinnon At Their Comedic Best #SNL

Will Ferrell returned to host SNL for the fourth time on Saturday. Simply put, he showed why he’s one of the greatest sketch comedians of all time. He was in literally every sketch (and Weekend Update) and gave SNL it’s highest ratings of the season. Fighter Pilots, Dinner Discussion & Reality Stars were all great. As was Next: For Men, which should absolutely be a real product. Commercial Shoot starring Ferrell and Kate McKinnon was my personal favorite, though.

Will Ferrell & Kate McKinnon – Commercial Shoot

This sketch is based on outtakes from an actual commercial from 2012 for a restaurant in Maine. The sketch starts funny and somehow keeps upping the funny until I was genuinely almost in tears. Ferrell’s mumbling delivery is perfect, as is the deer in the headlights stare from McKinnon. Ferrell’s character comes close at first but things shortly go off the rails. Nobody beats The Wiz was my personal favorite mess up. I love a lot of what SNL does, but my parent’s generation are used to a completely different kind of comedy. I knew this sketch was a hit when I went over to their house this week and they asked me if I saw this sketch. Will Ferrell – bridging generational comedy gaps.


Your Average Picks For Who Will Host The 2018 #Oscars


Have the Oscars ever had three hosts? The reason we’re asking is because we know of three best friends who just so happen to be available for the entire 2018 calendar year and would love to do it. Well, at least two of us are available. After Sunday’s show, everyone is focusing on the Best Picture mishap, but if that didn’t happen, the only thing on people’s minds and computer screens would be the performance of Jimmy Kimmel. While we both agree that Kimmel did a great job, the only thing everyone agrees on nowadays is that everyone has an opinion, and everyone’s opinion is different. I think it’s time to move past this year’s show and look into the future of the Oscars, more specifically who will be the host next year. Kevin Spacey is the favorite to host with the pair of Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig not far behind. Poor Seth Rogen and Jim Carrey are sitting comfortably in last. Here are our picks to host next year’s show!

Kate McKinnon

My pick for next year’s show currently sits at 50/1 odds to host, and she’s arguably the most talented woman in comedy in today. Kate McKinnon is mostly known as the star of SNL, but recently she’s spread her wings and soared. She’s shined in Ghostbusters and Office Christmas Party and she’ll be the voice of Ms. Frizzle in the Magic School Bus reboot coming out later this year. Point being: Kate McKinnon is slowly showing up everywhere, and I think it’s time to put the spotlight solely on her. The main qualifications for an awards show host are 1. How they can handle being on live TV and 2. What type of monologue would they be able to pull off. Everyone knows McKinnon thrives on live TV thanks to her Emmy winning performance on SNL, and while she’s not a stand up comedian, skits like the ‘Kellyanne Conway’ one embedded above prove she can sing and dance with the best of them. She’s also hysterical, and has proven that she can handle a tune if she’s called upon to do so. Beyond the monologue, picking an SNL cast member to host would give the performer a chance to insert some of their more famous characters into the show. Instead of the host coming out segment after segment to introduce the presenters, why not have Olya Povlatsky or Mrs. Rafferty or Debette Goldry make an appearance? I dare you to look me in the eyes and tell me you wouldn’t want to see Debette Goldry show up at the Oscars and talk about making movies in the 1950s. McKinnon is a jack of all trades when it comes to live performance art, and I think she’d make one hell of a host for next year’s show.


Lin-Manuel Miranda


Stage presence? Check. Cool as a cucumber? Check. Good under pressure? Check. Singing (and rhyming) ability? Double check. Funny and charming. Another double check. A national treasure who should be as equally loved as he is respected?? You know where this is going, so i’ll cut to the chase. Lin-Manuel Miranda (LMM) should be the host of the 2018 Oscars. Why? Well, because I like my Academy Awards host to have the ability to sneak in a few singing and dancing performances.

Back in 2013, Seth MacFarlane hosted the Oscars. He did a fine job, sprinkling in a few performances, but he was a bit crass for the Oscars. The flip side to Seth’s hosting duties came in 2015 when Neil Patrick Harris helmed the 87th Oscars. And he was delightful; He dazzled with great performances and funny banter without ruffling any feathers.

Which brings me back to LMM. I think LMM could do what NPH did two years ago. He’s super popular right now which makes him relevant, not only to the people watching at home, but to the packed house of celebrities in front of him. He’s clearly no stranger to the stage (Hamilton helped him with that) and knows how to work a crowd. Born in Washington Heights, he has that New York edge that makes him equal parts edgy and relatable. He was just shy of going full EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) this year, but hosting duties at next year’s Oscars should help heal the wounds the Academy inflicted on him. One side note, he needs to wear his Alexander Hamilton costume. I will not waver on this.


Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton Sang ‘Hallelujah’ During This Week’s Very Different #SNL Cold Open

We’re almost a week removed from the election results that saw Donald Trump win the nomination for President of the United States, and I think I speak for a lot of Americans when I say that I was really looking forward to SNL last weekend. Some of us badly needed an escape, even if it was just for an hour and a half, and that’s exactly what SNL gave us. Lorne Michaels and company still get flack for letting Trump host an episode last year, and the flack is 100% deserved. They helped normalize Trump, and even though the election was still over a year away, letting him do something like that ended up being a very bad decision. That’s why I’m glad Alec Baldwin’s Trump didn’t make an appearance on Saturday night, because I don’t think anyone is ready to laugh at any version of him at the moment. Instead of a normal election themed cold open (which has opened every SNL this season), we got Kate McKinnon, in full Hillary Clinton garb, sitting alone at a piano singing ‘Hallelujah’. It was a powerful moment, and acted as both a tribute to the late Leonard Cohen and reminded us to that while the election is over, we should never, ever give up fighting bigotry and injustice in this country. Kate McKinnon is infuriatingly talented, and much like everything she does on SNL, she knocked this segment out of the park.


My Favorite Sketch From Margot Robbie’s #SNL: Presidential Debate

Margot Robbie hosted the season premiere of SNL on Saturday night, and overall it was a great show. We got our first pre-taped sketch of the season, the bizarrely funny ‘The Librarian’. We also got our first Family Feud sketch, and what I hope is the first of many David Ortiz spots on Weekend Update.

SNL struggled to satirize what is happening in politics last season, and I think a lot of that has to do with just how insane our current political landscape is. Donald Trump is one of two people who have the chance to become the President of the United States. How are you supposed to get any crazier than that? The biggest change coming into season 42 was the man playing Trump, as SNL switched from former cast member and current MC Darrell Hammond to Alec Baldwin. I’d never seen or heard Baldwin do a Trump impression before, but any fears I had that he wouldn’t deliver were erased right away. He nailed the voice and the mannerisms of the Donald, and I cant wait to see what else he brings to the table as the season goes on. Emmy winner Kate McKinnon was brilliant as usual as Clinton, and the extended cold open set the stage for a really fun season premiere. Next week, Lin-Manuel Miranda takes the stage.


My Favorite Sketch From Miley Cyrus’s #SNL: Bar Talk

It’s usually not a good sign when the best sketch (or at least my favorite sketch) doesn’t involve the host, but I actually liked this episode. Miley Cyrus is a weird host, because she’s a weird person, and sometimes she tries to push her ‘edginess’ too far. I get she’s transition from child star Hannah Montana to early 20’s Miley Cyrus, but sometimes it’s a little much. Her musical performances were odd if not touching, and she did a pretty good job as host as well. I liked the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and Kyle Mooney marriage bits, but my favorite sketch was easily ‘Bar Talk’. Kate McKinnon does a great Hillary Clinton, and although the character is still in it’s early stages, she and Hillary had a great back and forth during this sketch. The gay marriage bit was the most important part, especially since McKinnon is SNL’s first openly gay cast member to come out while still a member of the current cast. Hillary’s trump impression was funny too, and although I have no clue who I’ll be voting for in the presidential election, it’s good for the candidates to show their human side. Overall a good but not great episode, but with Amy Schumer & Tracy Morgan on tap, SNL should be hitting it’s stride sooner rather than later.


The All Female Reboot of ‘Ghostbusters’ Reportedly Has A Cast In Place & It’s Awesome

GhostsWell, who else was he going to call?

Director Paul Feig took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal his all-female leads for his upcoming “Ghostbusters” reboot.

It’s no surprise that at the top of the marquee are Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, the stars of Feig’s megahit comedy “Bridesmaids.” McCarthy in particular has developed a De Niro-Scorsese like bond with the director, having also starred in Feig’s “The Heat” and the upcoming “Spy.”

Rounding out the new-look “Ghostbusters” cast are “Saturday Night Live” vets Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

The fab foursome will be filling the proton packs once wielded by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and the late Harold Ramis, stars of the first two “Ghostbusters movies” in the ‘80s. Sony had high hopes for a third installment of the supernatural comedy franchise, but original director Ivan Reitman dropped out in the wake of his friend Ramis’ death last year.

I’m not a huge fan of reboots, but Paul Feig just put together a murderers row of comedic actresses that pretty much guarantees that the ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot is going to be great. I’m happiest for McKinnon and Leslie Jones, the former becoming a legendary SNL performer and the latter rising up the ranks from the writing team to be a key cast member this season. Wiig and McCarthy killed it in another Feig movie, ‘Bridesmaids’, so you know they’ll be familiar with his directing style. Add that familiarity to all four women’s comedic acting chops and you have yourself an instant classic. As a side note on Kate McKinnon: what a fucking year. First she’s nominated for an Emmy for her masterful work on SNL, and now she’s starring in a major summer blockbuster. The movie will be released in July 2016, so let the unreal expectations and constant analysis begin!

– Ryan

It’s Almost That Time: Chris Pratt’s SNL Promo’s Are Here!

Starlord. Kate McKinnon. Profanity. And a lot of pickles. These two could have stood there in silence in for 6 minutes and I would’ve been OK with it, but naturally they’re delightful. The best part about a first time host is there really aren’t any expectations. I think the majority of the world expect the show to be good, but there’s no one trying to predict sketches or ready to judge Pratt on previous performances. A clean slate, just like this new season. Saturday night is back, baby.

– Ryan

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