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If Justin Bieber Ruins Zoolander 2 My Life Will Be A Bowl Of Sadness


If Justin Bieber is in Zoolander 2 it has a legitimate chance to ruin the movie, and that’ saying a lot because I can’t imagine the movie is going to great to begin with. Being great isn’t the point of the movie, though, it’s just a chance to spend some time with some wacky pals from the past. Justin Bieber being in this movie for even a second ruins that time. Bieber has to understand that he’s popular with little girls and that’s it. Don’t try and get into the adult world and into our beloved comedies. Go hang out with your 10 year old fans and leave the big boy stuff to everyone else.

– Ryan


This Video Of Justin Bieber Falling Off A Skateboard Is The Highlight Of My Day/Year/Life

I love this video so much. From the beginning when Bieber and his posse gets out of their car and shut down the steps to whatever this building is, all the way to Bieber falling down the stairs. This is just amazing, and by far the greatest thing TMZ has contributed to our society. Is Bieber wearing some kind of dress here? I think he is. Some kind of weird, muscle shirt dress. Also, how terrible is Bieber at skateboarding? I’m not saying I’m Tony Hawk, but he’s skateboarding over two small steps. If you’re going to make a big spectacle out of rolling around on a piece of wood, at least be good at it. Actually, don’t be good at it. It’s much funnier this way.

– Ryan


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