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Is Space Jam the Most Universally Loved Movie Of All Time?

I watched Space Jam the other day for the time in a LONG time. Space Jam is the kind of move you can pull out in any situation and it satisfies the crowd. Old people. Young people. Men. Women. If you don’t like Space Jam there’s a solid chance you’re an asshole. Twitter is full of assholes, so I figured I’d be able to find someone who hates Space Jam.

Riff RAFF and Jordan Peele Became Best Friends on Twitter Last Night

Let’s hope this actually happens.

– Ryan

Guy Sells Everything, Buys A Lambo, and Drives Across the Country


“Richard Jordan had everything he was told to want: cars, a new house, and a fiancee. Then his fiancee left him. So he sold everything, bought a Lamborghini Gallardo and set out across America…. ” – Jalopnik

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Richard Jordan is the epitome of someone “living life”. For all you out there that hashtag “yolo” when you’re in the drive through of an exotic fast food restaurant, get a fucking clue. This guy literally dropped everything, grabbed life by the balls, and drove cross country in one of the best sports cars out there. I’m gonna put this out there, I don’t know if I could do something like this. This takes brass beans and isn’t for the faint of heart. I can’t even imagine what this trip was like. 91k miles? He must have seen every sight you could possibly see in America. Living the dream.


My hat is off to you, Sir. Truly living your life to the fullest.


POLL: Is “His Airness”, Michael Jordan, Making a Return to the NBA?

Jalen Rose seems to think so. Check out the video below to hear the prediction of all predictions.


PS- This just might be the story to get Tim Tebow and Lebron James off of SportsCenter (At least for one segment).

PSS- Here is Jordan dominating current NBA all-star, O.J. Mayo back in 06. Still got it…at least in 2006 he does.

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