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Bruce Irvin Has An Interesting Sense Of Humor #AprilFools

Hahaha. April Fools! Silly Twitter believing an NFL player got a DUI! What NFL player has ever been in trouble with law before? Honestly the only thing funnier than this would have been a domestic violence joke. The Seahawks should have got together as a team and each picked a crime to “commit” so they could fool everyone. Russell Wilson robs a liquor store, Jimmy Graham assaults an elderly man, Marshawn Lynch kills a guy; the possibilities are literally endless. I’m glad the NFL is cracking down on the behavior of it’s players, because this situation clearly shows how seriously they take the punishments for DUI’s and things of that sort.

– Ryan

H/T NY Daily News

Captain Morgan Learned the Hard Way That Americans Will Literally Eat or Drink Taco Flavored Anything


I love the effort here on Captain Morgan’s part, but when you bring tacos into the mix you’re just over matched. We will literally eat or drink anything with the word taco in it. It doesn’t even have to taste like tacos. You just have to put the word in there and people will go for it. I really wouldn’t be surprised if people start an uproar because this DOESN’T exist. In the 24 hours it took to come out as a joke I bet millions of people planned Captain Morgan taco party’s this weekend. Part of me wants to say its cool but a much larger part of me thinks its disturbing. But then that small part of me eats a taco and everything makes sense again. Better luck next year, Captain.

– Ryan

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