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It’s A Powerful Feeling Knowing I Hold Johnny Manziel’s Career In My Hands

Johnny Football is in the new Snickers commercial and it’s kind of funny, but let’s get straight to the point here: I hold Johnny Manziel’s career in my hands. Let me explain:

Last year, I picked up Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer off the waiver wire in my fantasy football league. My QB (Andrew Luck) was on a bye, so I needed a one week fill-in, and since Hoyer was playing Thursday night, I picked him up so I’d have an interest in the game. I picked up him up Thursday morning, and 8 hours later, two plays into the game, he was writhing in pain because he just tore his ACL. That’s my fantasy football experience in a nutshell: if you are on my team, you are going to get hurt/something bad is going to happen to you. Here’s a list of players on my team last year: Jermichael Finley, Arian Foster, Darren McFadden, Brian Hoyer, Ray Rice. Half those guys had season ending surgery, and one is now a woman abuser. Moral of the story: if Johnny Manziel really wants to play this year, all he has to do is say the word and I’ll scoop up Brian Hoyer. Unfortunately for Johnny, this deal is a double edged sword, because if he starts to play well, I’ll probably pick him up to, and then Snickers commercials will be the only thing he’s seen in ever again.

– Ryan

The Iron Sheik Responds to Vince Young Getting Cut from the Browns, Michael Sam Getting Drafted

First, let me say that I am LOVING the Sheik’s new Twitter pic. Just absolutely screams “i’m a psycho, don’t fuck with me”. Secondly, I don’t know where Sheik is getting his facts but I highly doubt that is what Johnny Football said to Vince Young his first day in the NFL. I think Sheik is wrong, however, I would never tell him this because I am afraid he might hunt me down and put me in the camel clutch…actually, I might just delete this post.

Just when you think old Sheiky Baby is only out for blood in his tweets he goes and backs Michael Sam. Michael Sam, for those of you who don’t know and live under rocks, is the first openly gay NFL athlete.  Sheik approves, so that means you have to approve too, or else you end up like Marshall Henderson, next up on the Sheik’s hit list. Don’t be Marshall Henderson


Twitter News Weekly – TMNT, Gwyneth & Chris, Johnny Football


-The Average Nobodies

Johnny Football Declares for the NFL, Let the Pre-draft Party Begin!


Johnny Football is going to take of the NFL Draft talks faster than JR Smith can untie someones shoes. Tampa is really nice during football season…just saying!


And hopefully you end up in a better place than your buddy here.



Johnny Football Selling His Johnny Hancock – WHO GIVES A SHIT


BREAKING: NCAA investigating Johnny Manziel for allegedly profiting from autographs. If found that Manziel committed a violation, his eligibility to play this season could be in question. -SportsCenter

So Johnny Football was profiting from his autographs, and his season is in jeopardy because of it? Is this what the NCAA is seriously going to spend there time investigating? I know that this is a rule (a stupid rule), but in reality, who is this hurting? So what you’re saying is that it’s fine that colleges make millions of dollars off of these kids playing football, but they can’t make a little cash on the side for selling their personal brand? That is what they are doing, selling their brand, that they have created, and that people love.  Take Johnny Football here: care-free, fun-loving, and a beast at the game of football.  It’s a brand everyone has come to love, and that’s why he can make money from his autograph.  But, people will still whine that he will be making lots of money in the NFL eventually. To those people I say: “Jelly Much?”.  Stop being jealous of Johnny Manziel, because if you’re good at something you should never do it for free. Hell, if I was him i’d be selling a lot more than autographs, if you know what I mean….ok, too far… i’ll stop there.


Mr. Football, if the NCAA decides to be a bunch of whiny babies and suspend you, please think about joining my flag football team. Just throwing it out there.

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