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The Doctah Is Playing The World’s Smallest Violin For Johnny Depp’s Financial Woes #Disneyland

Johnny Depp’s ex-managers, in a lawsuit, allege that the actor’s extravagant spending led to his losing millions of dollars. Depp disagrees.

“Why didn’t they drop me as a client if I was so out of control?” Depp told the Wall Street Journal. “I’ve worked very, very hard for a lot of years and trusted a lot of people, some who’ve clearly let me down.”

Depp sued The Management Group in January, claiming that after he fired them, his new business manager discovered misconduct in the form of TMG collecting fees he never agreed to, failing to file Depp’s taxes on time and loaning out his money without authorization. Depp believes TMG led him to be more than $40 million in debt.

In a countersuit, his ex-managers Joel and Robert Mandel said their company did what they could with Depp’s finances, but it was the actor’s expensive lifestyle that was his downfall. – Yahoo

Johnny Depp talking to his financial managers

Pirates.  Blow.  Gilbert Grape.  All epic.

Apparently, for Johnny, it hasn’t been enough.  Depp has fired his management company, and after investigations, has found that this management company is the reason he’s $40 million in debt.  He has also set a lawsuit against them.

Depp’s ex-group, the shadily named The Management Group (shady right?) has blamed Depp’s expensive lifestyle for his downfall. Depp spent 2 million per month which he could not afford. Depp has bought yachts, and luxury wine, and has 14 residences.  

So let’s just stop right here.  This is a story of pure greed and mismanagement.  Johnny, I love you – idolized you in Blow.  But Johnny, how do you mismanage 40 million?  Better yet, how do you let someone else mismanage your money and pay them for it?

And on top of that, how do you trust a company called The Management Group?  I’d rather trust Neuralink and they are fucking with brains.

14 residences? Johnny, liquidation always works.

And how do you only make 40 million from all those Blockbusters?  Johnny, if you need a new negotiator, friend, financial manager, Buddha, and/or a lawyer, I’m here for you.  I won’t use big words, BUT I guarantee I won’t lose $40 million of your money.

Pure stupidity people.  Be smart with your $30,000 annual salary – even celebs are broke.

~The Doctah~

Trailer Alert – Dead Men Tell No Tales

In Bill Paxton’s name! I’m still not recovered from the new Alien trailer and Disney comes from the ceiling with a doozy of a second trailer for the new Pirates movie. Listen, I hear all the people out there saying “who asked for a new Pirates movie?”, “it’s just a money grab”, “Matt is super handsome and his blogs are always super funny.” I’ve heard it all. All that those types of comments tell me is that they are not invested in the characters. I’ve been engrossed in the Pirates-verse since day one. Actually, longer than day one, that ride was and is my favorite ride at Disney World, hand down. Can’t we just enjoy a fun movie with pirates and an excellent score? Seriously though, Han Zimmer’s score is the stuff of legends. Right up there with John Williams and Star Wars.


Trailer Alert: ‘Black Mass’, The Whitey Bulger Story #BlackMass

Black Mass is one of the most anticipated movies yet to come out this year, and all of that buzz has to do with the main character portrayed by Johnny Depp, James ‘Whitey’ Bulger. For those who don’t know, Whitey Bulger is one of most notorious criminals in history, and his reign of terror lasted several decades. What made Bulger worse than your average criminal is that he struck a deal with the FBI, but still continued to be a world class monster. It’s said that Jack Nicholson’s character in The Departed was loosely based on Bulger, but in the case of ‘Black Mass’, this is basically a fictional documentary. The trailer doesn’t give us much, except intermittent scenes of violence centered around a dinner discussion where it looks like Whitey is going to kill a guy because he gave him his family’s steak recipe. Depp was awesome in Blow and Public Enemies, so I have no doubt he’ll excel here as well. ‘Black Mass’ has no official release date yet, but will be in theaters this year.

– Ryan

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