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Trailer Alert – A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place – April 2018

I’m not one of those people who screams to my cats “there’s no originality in Hollywood!” I’m not that guy mainly because I enjoy most movies. But i’m also not that guy because of movies like A Quiet Place. If you keep your eyes, ears and heart open enough, you’re bound to stumble across movies like this. It’s like one giant, high-stakes version of the quiet game. Which is really cool. Hopefully the trailers will keep the monsters hidden until I get into the theater. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are married irl so it will be interesting to see there onscreen chemistry via sign language.


Jimmy Fallon Continues To Take Over The World In The Trailer For The New Show ‘Lip Sync Battle’

If you’ve never seen celebrities and Jimmy Fallon do lip sync battle on ‘The Tonight Show’, now you have a chance to literally watch a show all about it. Jimmy Fallon is taking over the world one TV appearance at a time, and now his skills will be on display at Spike TV. The trailer for ‘Lip Sync Battle’ is pretty wonderful, and above everything else, features John Krasinski in a Tina Turner shimmering outfit that makes my heart explode with joy. You also have fan favorites like The Rock, Chrissy Teigen and Anna Kendrick showing off their skills and LL Cool J as the host. Ladies love Cool James, and I’m going to love this show. It premieres April 2nd so set yo DVR’s.

– Ryan


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