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A Pizza Hut In Sugar Land, Texas Is Delivering Free Pizzas To People Stuck In Their Homes During Hurricane Harvey

Pizza Hut is making a special delivery to Texas residents trapped in their homes by Hurricane Harvey.

Employees at the Oak Lake store in Sugar Land, Texas used kayaks to wade through flooded streets to deliver pizzas to victims who lived nearby – and it was all free of charge.

Shayda Habib, the manager of the Pizza Hut location, told KPRC 2 News that when she heard there were families nearby who couldn’t leave their homes and were running low on food she decided she needed to help.

“I called my husband and asked him to gather up kayaks and meet me at the restaurant,” she said.

Habib said she and some of the workers started making as many pizzas as they could and then loaded the food onto the kayaks and delivered them to the hungry families.

Habib told the Houston Chronicle that she and her employees delivered 120 pizzas on Tuesday to residents living in the area.

“The people in the houses didn’t expect us to come,” she told the outlet. “It was so nice to see their smiles after so much gloom.” – NY Daily News

It’s hard to look on the bright side when there’s so much damage and devastation happening in the Houston area, but Shayda Habib and Pizza Hut are doing their best to keep people’s spirits up. This is such a great move, and I hope to see more stories like this come out in the coming days and weeks. We’ve seen a ton of money being raised as well, most notably JJ Watt and $10 million You Caring campaign. Hopefully everyone down in Houston is able to stay safe, and may they have as much help as humanly possible during the recovery.


I Hate JJ Watt (But not really)

Listen, I got nothing personal against the guy, but the media has destroyed him over the past year and a half. usually that wouldn’t bother me, because the media kills athletes on the reg. Just over hyping ever single thing he/she does (OBJ is next). It’s one thing for the media to over analyze a players life, but when the player starts biting and riding the wave of fame that the media outlets are creating then I have a problem. JJ, you are a freak of nature, and absolute monster in the NFL, why do you need to do this shit. This video is CLEARLY fake (and cheesy to boot). Just keep your head down and hustle hard. Celebrate hardcore on the field and leave this acting to the guys behind the desk of NFL network.

Can’t wait to watch this slug of a human get overpaid to show us touchdown highlights. HOW MUCH EAISER CAN A JOB BE?



JJ Watt Is Now My Sworn Enemy

Well I’m officially off the JJ Watt bandwagon. After my poor Mavericks and my sweet Dirk Nowitzki lost game 2 last night, JJ Watt decided to literally dance on their graves and twerk or whatever on the court. I’m all for players who play in a certain city rooting for other sporting teams in that city, but this is too far. Nobody dances on Dirk’s grave. JJ is just lucky Dirk didn’t see this or he would’ve demolished him on live TV. What’s JJ, 6’5 275? Dirk takes bigger shits than that. Unfortunately for Watt, he’s now my sworn enemy and I’m going to put the wrath of the Ryan Stink all over him. The one thing JJ Watt doesn’t want is for all my bad luck juju to follow him around this season, but after his cowardly display, I have no choice. Best of luck in hell, JJ Watt.

– Ryan

JJ Watt And His 61 Inch Vertical Box Jump Are Ready To Murder Opposing Offenses

You know who I wouldn’t want to be starting in September? Any offensive player that has to go against the Texans. JJ Watt is legitimately terrifying, and that was before I saw the video above where he shows off his 61 inch vertical box jump. That’s over 5 feet. Anyone that can jump feet in the air from a standing position should not be allowed to hit other people. That’s beyond freak of nature status; that’s just inhuman. I can honestly I’d have trouble crawling up that high, never mind trying to jump from a standing position. What’s the point of trying to block JJ Watt if you’re an offensive lineman that watches this video? Even if you out muscle him, he now has the ability to JUMP OVER YOU. If Clowney stays healthy, the Texans front line D of Watt, Clowney and Wilfork are going wreak havoc on the NFL this year.

– Ryan

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