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Marty McFly & Doc Brown Stopped By Jimmy Kimmel Live To Cap Off #BackToTheFutureDay

Back to the Future day ended with one of their boldest predictions ending in misery (sorry Cubs fan), but it also featured Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprising their legendary roles to stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live in a Delorean. Bubble vests were never and will never be in style, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Michael J. Fox. It was also nice to see Doc Brown and his crazy hair back on any kind of television of movie screen. While it was great to see both of them, I’m sure we’ll see them again soon once another future prediction is close to coming true.


John Stamos & His Ageless Face Officially Announced ‘Full House’ Is Coming Back On Jimmy Kimmel Live

John Stamos looking like a god damn high schooler last night on Jimmy Kimmel, giving us the official announcement very few of us are probably looking for. I don’t want to be a downer, but Full House was never really my thing. It was on from 1987-1995, so by the time I was old enough to understand things the show was already over, plus from ages 1-26 I basically watched wrestling and every other show took a back seat. Also ‘Fuller House’ is kind of a sloppy name. You’re really just adding -er to the original name of the show? Show some kind of creativity here. Make it a spinoff and call it Uncle Jessie’s House of Blues or Kimmy Gibler – CEO of the World. Netflix has ordered 13 episodes already, so let’s see if they can work their magic and make ‘Fuller House’ a hit. If the Olsen Twins don’t make a guest appearance I’ll probably riot.

– Ryan

Warren and Kenny G Performed ‘Regulators’ Together In The #MashUpMonday You Never Knew You Needed To Hear

Jimmy Kimmel went deep into our psyches and brought Warren and Kenny G together for a ‘Regulators’ cover I never knew I wanted to hear. This was fantastic, and Kenny G is a god damn magician with the way he makes beautiful music come out of any instrument he gets his hands on. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to listen to the regular version of ‘Regulators’ ever again. As much I love Nate Dogg, this version blows it out of the water.

– Ryan

The Newest ‘Plizzanet Earth’ Proves Snoop Dogg Doesn’t Know What Any Animal Looks Like

If you’ve never seen it, Plizzanet Earth is a segment on Jimmy Kimmel live where a dangerously high Snoop Dogg watches videos of animals and tries to figure out what’s going on. In this particular episode, Snoop Dogg mistakes a hawk for a pigeon, because there are just thousands of pigeons out in the wild chasing other animals. Before he identifies any animal on the screen he starts off his thought “what is that a…” which most likely means he has no idea what any animal looks like. I picture him inviting friends over his house to see his cows and alligators and when everyone gets there he just has a cat and a fish. Classic Snoop-a-loop.

– Ryan

Jimmy Kimmel Finally Got To The Bottom Of Deflate Gate With ‘I Am The Locker Room Guy’

Deflate gate has been a weird controversy. I’m not talking about the controversy itself. I’m talking about the media spoofs of the controversy. Usually when something like this happens late night TV shows and SNL would be on top of it with funny parody videos, but up until today that really hasn’t been the case. SNL did their spoof, and it was ok but I wanted something that was going to knock it out of the park. Why is it that almost two weeks we finally get a solid parody video from Jimmy Kimmel about deflate gate? Anyway, this video was worth the wait. It starts off innocently enough with a few of Kimmel writers taking credit for Deflate Gate, but then it gets full scale insane with some awesome celebrity cameos. ‘My name is Ryan Salty Flanagan I’m from Roslindale Massachusetts if you don’t believe me go fuck yourself’.

– Ryan

Channing Tatum’s Daughters Poop Face Reminds Him Of Marlon Brando’s Death In ‘The Godfather’

I was thinking about adding a spoiler alert to this post just in case people haven’t seen The Godfather, but the movie came out 43 years ago and if you haven’t seen it that’s your problem. Now, onto the poop discussion. Weirdly enough this is the second post that we’ve had today that deals with poop, but luckily this one doesn’t include an Instagram commenter telling an 18 year old he wants her to use his face as a toilet. I don’t think people realize how lucky our generation is as far as late night TV hosts. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Letterman, Conan; you can turn on four or five different channels after 1130 and get some quality late night TV. While Kimmel isn’t my favorite late night host (Conan, always and forever) he is usually pretty great with his guests. Enter professional charmer Channing Tatum, who has a little one on one talk with Kimmel about his daughters poop face, which just so happens to look like Marlon Brando dying in The Godfather. Late night TV at it’s finest.

– Ryan

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