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Jim Harbaugh Wants WrestleMania 33 At The Big House & I’m ALL IN

WMHarbaugh was so fired up about the possibility of WrestleMania coming back to Detroit that he called back into the radio show a few minutes after his original interview. He had an idea for a host.

“Why not the Big House?” he said. “Why not? 140,000 – I bet we could get in there for Wrestlemania. They’re trying to break the attendance record at Jerry Jones’ stadium in Dallas. (There’s) a great Canadian presence in wrestling. Why not Michigan and the Big House?”


Now that Minneapolis is just about officially off the board for WM 33 hosting duties, Michigan’s Big House sounds like a pretty appetizing option. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see 140,000 wrestling fans pack Michigan’s stadium plus a cameo from legitimate crazy man Jim Harbaugh. My life has been missing Harbaugh since he my left my 49ers for college football, but this might be the move to  bring him back in. WWE is bold enough to make this happen, and now they have new face of Michigan on their side. Harbaugh/Dean Ambrose in a Japanese Death Match or we riot.

Vernon Davis Has Been Traded, Colin Kaepernick Has Been Benched & The 49ers Aren’t The Greatest Team In The World Right Now

Oh No – The trade of Vernon Davis to the Denver Broncos on Monday signals more than just the beginning of the teardown of what was once an elite NFL team.

The trade represents the full-circle journey the 49ers have taken, from the ranks of the NFL’s worst, to one of its best, now back to darkness and desperation.

Hours after the trade, reports circled that the 49ers have decided to bench struggling Colin Kaepernick in favor of Blaine Gabbert this week. The quarterback of the present and future will hold a clipboard. The team is crumbling.


That picture pretty much sums up the 49ers season. They had the worst offseason in recent memory, losing so many key coaches and players that you knew it’d be impossible for them to have anything close to a decent season this year, and that’s exactly what’s happened. Now another key veteran is gone in Vernon Davis, and their $100 million quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been benched in favor of a guy who the Jacksonville Jaguars thought was expendable. It’s a shocking fall from grace for a team that was in the god damn Super Bowl 3 years ago, but that’s what happens when ownership thinks they know how to build a team better than a guy (Jim Harbaugh) who lives and breathes football and has instantly turned around programs and franchises everywhere he’s went. Is it shocking that Michigan is ranked 16th in the country and the 49ers are going through one of the ugliest seasons in ever? It shouldn’t be, and unfortunately, unless they score some serious talent in next year’s draft, it won’t be getting better anytime soon.


FYI Jim Harbaugh Is Still Insane

God damnit do I miss this guy. I can’t picture a scenario where he needs to be shirtless at a football camp but that’s the beauty of Jim Harbaugh. He is a dangerously insane human being with the mind of an elite football coach. There’s nobody else like him, and I’d be shocked if Michigan wasn’t anything but great this year. Shine on you crazy diamond.

– Ryan

Jim Harbaugh: Devout ‘Judge Judy’ Fan By Day, Heroic Good Samaritan By Night

JimmyUniversity of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh stopped and assisted two patients after a rollover crash on I-94 Tuesday afternoon.

U-M Athletic Department spokesman Dave Ablauf said that according to a police report from the Michigan State Police Harbaugh and another staff member from the football program stopped to assist two passengers of a car that crashed at approximately 2:40 p.m.

According the MSP release, the 53-year-old woman driving the car was wearing her seatbelt but was partially ejected from the vehicle. A 73-year-old woman was in the passenger seat and was also wearing her seatbelt. Both patients were transported to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital by Huron Valley Ambulance Service, spokeswoman Joyce Williams said.

The crash was one of 50 that HVA responded to between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Tuesday after a morning snow and ice storm left streets and highways in poor condition throughout Southeast Michigan.

Ablauf said Harbaugh and Jim Minick administered first aid to both individuals and kept them warm with coats until the emergency medical personnel arrived.


God damnit do I miss this lunatic. We’re barely into the NFL offseason yet I already miss his musk with the sadness of a thousand suns. I know that doesn’t make sense, but Jim Harbaugh is one of those rare creatures that pass through your life that you just have to stare at in amazement. When he’s not congratulating Judge Judy on her contract extension on Twitter, he’s giving aid to old ladies that got into a car accident. He is a man amongst men, a good guy, and one hell of a football coach. The 49er faithful will continue to miss him every damn day.

– Ryan

The 49ers & Jim Harbaugh Have Officially Parted Ways, And I’m Officially Living In A Glass Case Of Emotion

This one hurts. Jim Harbaugh, the human shooting star, is leaving 49er nation just as crazily as he entered it. Here are the facts: the 49ers were not a good football team when Jim Harbaugh took over in 2011. From 2003 (the year after they lost in the divisional round) to 2010, the 49ers won 46 games under 4 different head coaches and didn’t make the playoffs a single season. Under Harbaugh, from 2011 through this season, the 49ers won 49 games while playing in three consecutive conference championship games, including one Super Bowl. If wins aren’t that important to you, then just look at how the culture of the 49ers has changed: they went from a bad team in a terrible division to a tough, gritty, stud team in arguably the best division in football. Any way you slice it, Jim Harbaugh came in and single handedly turned the 49ers franchise around. It was clear the front office was pushing Harbaugh out the door, especially since this was the vibe in the locker room after the 49ers win yesterday:

Sure doesn’t sound like a team that has turned on it’s head coach. You can say what you want about Harbaugh being too animated, or about how his personality offends people, but that’s all bullshit. Give me a guy who gets the most out of his players and who WINS, and I’ll take him every day of the week. Now Harbaugh is off to Michigan, and the 49ers are searching for their new head coach. Whoever they end up with will most definitely be a step down from Harbaugh. Hit the music.

– Ryan

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