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Jim Cantore Loves Thundersnow More Than Most Of Us Love Our Own Families

Jim Cantore is a mad man. We knew that already, but this video proves without a doubt that he loves the weather more than most people are capable¬†of loving anyone or anything. His joy in this video rivals the joy you see in dogs seeing their owners again after years of separation. It’s beyond what a human should be able to express, but I love every minute of it. Imagine if everyone loved their job this much? The world would be a much¬†brighter place. Jim Cantore Thundersnow FTW.

– Ryan

The Mark of a True Professional? Knee Some Kid in the Nuts and Keep Reporting

Textbook reporting here by Jim Cantore right here. College kids beware, if you run into Jim Cantore’s shot he’s going to go knee-to-dick, that’s a fact. Besides not flinching and finishing his report I have to give Jim some extra props because using your knee is some good old fashion fighting. No shovels, no scooters, just some good flesh to flesh battling. Did anyone go check on that kid? He might be passed out somewhere and slowly bleeding out from the inside.


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