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Trailer Alert: Red Sparrow

Ballerina Dominika Egorova is recruited to ‘Sparrow School’ a Russian intelligence service where she is forced to use her body as a weapon. But her first mission, targeting a CIA agent, threatens to unravel the security of both nations. – IMDB

Jennifer Lawrence has been in the news a lot lately, mainly because her new movie Mother! is the first movie in quite awhile to either earn lavish praise or hellish scorn. I’ve read about 15 non spoiler reviews of Mother! (I still really want to see it) and there is no middle ground when it comes to people’s feelings on it. Her follow up to Mother! will be Red Sparrow, a thriller helmed by her Hunger Games: Catching Fire & Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2 director Francis Lawrence. Jennifer just turned 27 last month, so it appears she has a lengthy acting career in front of her, and I’m glad to see her taking roles like Mother! and Red Sparrow. It’d be easy for her to embrace the America’s Sweetheart role that everyone seems to want her to play and only do happy go lucky movies, but she’s so versatile that it’d be a shame for her not to switch things up once in awhile. Red Sparrow premieries March 2, 2018.


Trailer Alert – Mother!

Last Monday we wrote about the teaser trailer for Mother!, the newest film from Darren Aronofsky starring Jennifer Lawrence & Javier Bardem. 8 days later we’re gifted with a full trailer and shit. is. going. down. I’m a huge fan of Aronofsky’s work, especially The Wrestler & Black Swan, and Mother! certainly teeters towards the Black Swan end of the scale. Is Jennifer Lawrence losing her mind or is her husband and these strangers he’s inviting into their home tormenting her? I don’t have the slightest clue, but I’ll watching this through my fingers to find out. Mother! premieres September 15th.


P.S. This film isn’t rated yet, but if they want an accurate rating they should rate it SYP (shit your pants).

Trailer Alert – Passengers

After months of waiting, the trailer for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s movie Passengershas finally arrived.

The film follows Preston and Aurora, two passengers on a spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet. Each were awoken decades before they were supposed to arrive at their destination, and are left to deal with the ship as it begins to malfunction. (Via The Verge)

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence…I shouldn’t have to say anything else about this film to get you to see it, but let me try…OUTERSPACE. Did that do it?

This movie feels like a way more adult version of rocket man. Just swap a chimp stealing a sleep pod for a “technical” malfunction and swap tubes of gross food for a robot bartender that seems like he was pulled directly from “The Shining”. I’m so excited to see this movie. In fact, i’ll be jumping into my own sleep pod in preparation (my freezer). Wake me when it’s in theaters.


Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer Dancing On Billy Joel’s Piano During ‘Uptown Girl’ Is The Happiest Video Ever

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are the best kind of best friends. They’re obviously a lot of fun, but they’re also super rich celebrities, which is the best of both worlds. When Matt and I went to see Billy Joel at MSG, we sat about as far away as possible. It was an incredible show, but I’m assuming if we tried to get on stage and stand on Billy Joel’s piano that 1. the piano would break and 2. we’d be arrested. But when Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence do it, it’s accepted and adored. I wish I was a part of it, because this honestly might be the happiest video of all time. Imagine getting to hang onstage with Billy Joel while he plays ‘Uptown Girl’? A guy can dream.


Ryan’s Gossip Circle: Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence Are Best Friends & I’m Green With Jealous Rage

Ever since I watched Silver Linings Playbook for the 1000th time, I’ve been a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence. She’s talented, hot, and seems pretty down to earth. Maybe it’s all an act, but who cares. If I was a multi millionaire celebrity at TWENTY FOUR I’d probably be the biggest asshole in the world. I’d be Shia LaBeouf. Instead, she handles all the insanity with class and just keeps doing her thing. Same thing goes for Amy Schumer. She’s the star of her own sketch TV show and she just wrote and starred in her own movie (Trainwreck) which was absolutely hysterical. She’s on the top of the world, but she doesn’t give a shit about all that fame stuff either. She just wants to red jet ski’s with her maniac friend Jennifer Lawrence. While I’m eating under cooked steak tonight with 50 other guys, they’re both living the dream. God damn it am I jealous.

– Ryan

Trailer Alert – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

The trailer for the fourth installment of the Hunger Games franchise is finally here, and things actually start out kind of happy. When a movie is titled ‘The Hunger Games’ you’re not really expecting sunshine and rainbows, but the beginning of this trailer actually features a wedding and smiles and hope. That hope is immediately superseded by death and destruction but hey, it was nice while it lasted. I still haven’t seen the first Mockingjay movie so I’m a little lost as to exactly what’s happening, but a movie trailer is a movie trailer, and a blogger’s got to blog about it. Mockingjay Part 2 comes out later this year just in time for turkey time with your family.

– Ryan

Jennifer Lawrence Kicks Everyone’s Ass in the Final ‘Mockingjay Part 1’ Trailer

I’m glad these trailers aren’t that long, because I don’t want to see all the action before I actually see the movie. This final trailer gives us just enough action to keep our attention and simultaneously make us want more. Crazy talented cast, amazing special effects and a built in story you know is going to deliver. I’m ready to watch Jennifer Lawrence kick all of the asses.

– Ryan

J-Law Dancing in a Deleted Scene From ‘American Hustle’ Can be Best Described as Majestic

Is there anything J-Law can’t do? She moves with such a natural flow that I can’t tell where the music stops and she begins.  I can’t blame David O. Russell for cutting this out of the theatrical version of the film. How are the rest of the cast suppose to compete with this? You just don’t. J-Law bogarting ‘American Hustle’ for the win.