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Ranking The Three Best Sketches From James Franco’s SNL

James Franco hosted SNL for the fourth time this past Saturday, and it was a wild episode. The cold open featured a slew of children on live television, which is a recipe for insanity. Some of the kids were great, some of them froze, but I’ll take it over another Donald Trump sketch any day. Franco brings a lot of smiles and positivity everywhere he goes, and I enjoyed the episode overall. Here are the three best sketches from Saturday night.

3. Reunion

One of the main themes running through this episode was James Franco playing James Franco. He did it in Christmas Charity, and he did it in the final sketch of the night, Reunion. The reason I picked Reunion over Christmas Charity was Heidi Gardner, who played Pretty Mandy. This is Gardner’s first season on SNL but she’s getting a lot of screen time and more importantly, she’s delivering. Angel from Weekend Update was dynamite, and Pretty Mandy’s odd accent and fixation on darts and bull’s-eyes killed me. I wouldn’t mind seeing Pretty Mandy show up again, preferably when Davey Franco hosts (that needs to happen ASAP).

2. Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap is one those over the top sketches that Will Ferrell perfected during his time on SNL, and it really set the tone for Franco’s show. The cold open was off the rails due to some of the children forgetting their lines, and this was sketch was off the rails because of the excessive fake blood. Franco played an overexcited gift wrapper who wasn’t go to let some missing, bloody appendages stop him from wrapping customer’s gifts. The gag got funnier and funnier, and if you’re wondering why Leslie Jones couldn’t get out her lines, it’s because she almost threw up in her mouth. Franco also confirmed this was his favorite sketch from the show, and you could tell he was having a blast.

1. Spelling Bee

My favorite type of SNL sketches are when they take normal scenarios and turn them on their head. That’s why Spelling Bee was the top sketch for me. James Franco plays the moderator who decides to make the words, definitions and usage a little too personal. Franco nails it too, until Little Pig Boy. It’s tough to blame him for breaking when his character has to deliver the definition and usage of Little Pig Boy with a straight face. I’ve watched this sketch four times and it just gets better.


SNL Announces December Hosts Saoirse Ronan, James Franco & Kevin Hart

Saoirse Ronan, James Franco & Kevin Hart To Host December SNL Eps.

SNL has had an interesting start to it’s 43rd season. They’re still stuck in Trump mode (although Alec Baldwin has not appeared on the last two shows) and they’ve utilized a lot of first time hosts. That trend will continue Saturday when Saoirse Ronan makes her SNL debut, but 2017 will end with a few familiar faces. Franco has hosted three times while Hart has hosted twice, and they’re more household names than the Haddish’s and Ronan’s of the world. With everything happening in Hollywood, having fresh faces host is probably a smart move, but I do enjoy when some old favorites return.

Kevin Hart had one of my favorite monologues of season 41 and Franco is always down to get weird, which usually makes the best hosts. The other thing to look for this weekend and moving forward is how SNL responds to the Al Franken sexual misconducts news. Franken is a former writer and cast member, so I’d expect Jost and Che to have something to say about him during Weekend Update.

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Announcing our December shows!! #SNL

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051 What Kind of Bad?

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Alien Covenant, Dark Universe and Bad Movie Descriptions – MMGA Episode #15

Steely Phil replaces Adam on the 15th episode of the Make Movies Great Again Podcast. On this episode, we stump each other with Bad Movie Descriptions, attempt to sum up Alien Covenant in one word, gush over Tom Hardy as Venom and try to make sense of Universal Pictures’ new ‘Dark Universe.’

And don’t go chasing waterfalls just yet, we also have a new Movie Club episode. This week, we chat about the kung fu classic, ‘The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.’

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Insane Instagram Comments – Things Are Escalating Quickly On James Franco’s Instagram


The best (or worst) thing about this is how casual it all seems. James Franco is advertising t-shirts with his name on it and then BAM, a ‘can I s your d’ comment just coming right out of left field. I don’t hate it, it was just unexpected, and it just seems like it was done so calmly. No exclamation point, no question mark, which means it was more of a statement than a question. This person wasn’t really asking, they were letting James Franco know what’s going to happen later whether he likes it or not. As a normal person, you don’t have people commenting on your pictures telling you that they’re going to suck your dick, so I don’t know how I’d feel about this. At first I’m sure it’s flattering, but after awhile I’m sure the people telling you that aren’t the kind of people you want near your dick.

– Ryan

Sony Pulls ‘The Interview’ From Theaters, And I Don’t Know What Kind Of World We Live In Anymore

InterviewSony Pictures is pulling The Interview from its Dec. 25 release date, the studio announced in a statement on Wednesday.

The decision was the depressing climax to a weeks-long nightmare after Sony Pictures Entertainment suffered on Nov. 24 a massive and unprecedented hack of roughly 100TB of embarrassing, sensitive, and confidential data. On Monday, the group claiming responsibility for the hack, who call themselves Guardians of Peace,threatened theaters that plan on showing the film The Interview — which depicts the assassination of North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. “We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places ‘The Interview’ be shown, including the premiere, how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to,” the group said in a statement. “Remember the 11th of September 2001.”

Evoking the 9/11 attacks for a movie scheduled for release on Christmas appeared to be the rhetorical touch necessary to doom the movie from reaching theaters. Sony canceled all press for the film, including its New York premiere, and reportedly told exhibitors that the studio would not object if they chose not to screen the movie. Within 24 hours, that is exactly what happened, with the top four theater chains — Regal, AMC, Cinemark, and Carmike — all electing to pull the film from their theaters.


It’s going to be easy to place blame for what happened here. Some people are going to blame the theater chains for pulling ‘The Interview’ from their theaters, thus giving in to the hacker’s demands. And some people are going to blame Sony, for the pulling the movie itself, giving in to the hacker’s demands, and capping off a what had to be a horribly bizarre week for everyone involved with ‘The Interview’. Even the hackers themselves, upset with the fictional depiction of Kim Jong-un in the movie, decided to place blame first. They hacked personal and private emails, then made the now famous threat that has basically destroyed our freedom of speech. Is this really the world that we live in? No one wants to takes responsibility for their actions, and all this blaming has lead to us giving into the ridiculous demands of hackers. I do have a question for the theater chains and Sony, though. Did you really think something was going to happen here? Did you really think the same hackers who hacked into an email database would all of a sudden escalate their actions into a coordinated murderous terrorist attack? I’m no cyber terrorist expert, but if someone explicitly tells you their plans, both what the they plan to do and when they plan to do it, they’re probably bluffing. I can’t imagine many terrorist plans would be successful if they announced their attacks beforehand, but that’s what they did here, and we fell for it. The most upsetting part is that the movie industry has been making films about world leaders FOREVER. Anyone remember this film?

That was the god damn movie poster! ‘The Interview’s’ main stars are Seth Rogen and James Franco. They are the two men on the movie poster. Neither of them are Kim Jong-un. I can go on and on about how absurd this is, and every movie site or blog is hopefully going to write the same thing, but it really is a sad day for the movies. This is going to be a popular phrase that gets thrown around until this thing dies down, but this is a horrible precedent to set, especially in the year 2014. Pulling ‘The Interview’ from theaters gives every nut job with a grudge the idea that if they don’t like something, they can protest or make threats and they’ll get what they want. The bad guys won.

– Ryan

James Franco, Martin Freeman & Amy Adams Will Be Hosting SNL In December

Coming off their best episode of the season, SNL just announced their hosts and musical guests for the month of December. The main thing that jumps out at you concerning Franco, Freeman and Amy Adams is their versatility. The writers and cast members should have a grand old time coming up with sketches and characters for these three hosts. Out of the three, I’m most excited for Martin Freeman, especially after his amazing turn as Lester Nygaard on FX’s Fargo adaptation. I’m expecting a Hobbit sketch during his episode, or maybe even a faux Hobbit trailer now that SNL has proved they can create movie quality fake trailers. Cameron Diaz hosts this Saturday, and then it’s on to December!

– Ryan


Some Cool ALS Ice Bucket Challenges in One Place

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Are Ben and Tyler Perry secret best friends?

Smooth move nominating Pac-Man. His Kid nominating Jay-Z is a power move.

Just a completely normal dude who happens to be a giant superstar.

Of course Conan puts his spin on it.

And what’s a Late Night ice bucket challenge without Jimmy Fallon and the Roots? PS- Horatio Sanz lost a shit load of weight!

In a gym with a suite on. NBD. I’m still not convinced that Vince knows Kermit isn’t real.

Mickey Rourke can’t help but swear for a good cause.

Bill Gates putting thousands of dollars into his video like only he could. Also, Bill nominating Ryan Seacrest is an even funnier friendship than Affleck and Tyler Perry.

Elon Musk wil not be outdone by Billy Gates

James Franco getting right to the point. Yellow dick cover was unexpected, but a nice touch.

Acca-icebucket Challenge

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