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053 Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson Super Bowl Halftime Reunion?

Average Nobodies Podcast

On this week’s show we’ve got Bills Mafia, Jolly Ranchers versus the internet and Justin Timberlake has us naked by the end of this podcast. You can chat with us on Twitter @AverageNobodies, toss us a like on Facebook @AverageNobodies and heart all our pictures on instagram, @AverageNobodies. Don’t forget, this podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and YouTube.

Michael Jackson Performed as a Hologram on the Billboard Music Awards Last Night Because That’s Something That Happens Now

I enjoy Michael Jackson’s music. Personal allegations aside, he was an amazing singer/performer. He had a ton of number one hits and sold millions and millions of albums all while influencing a generation of musicians. To say having Michael Jackson resurrected as a hologram for a performance last night was unnecessary would be the understatement of the century. I thought the same thing about Tupac at Coachella and my stance isn’t changing. Not only is it haunting, but I watched both Tupac and MJ’s hologram performances and both crowds seem equally confused and horrified. It comes off weird to the live crowd and it’s really eerie watching it on TV. The only hologram I’m interested in is resurrecting Marvin Gaye to sing every national anthem at every sporting until the end of time. Until then, let’s stick to human beings singing and dancing.

– Ryan

Add Calling Samuel L. Jackson ‘Laurence Fishburne’ To the List of Things I Never, Ever Want To Do

“We don’t all look the same!” How do you come back from that?  Samuel L. Jackson just called you a racist on live TV and basically ruined your career. I have to imagine Samuel L. Jackson holds a grudge like a son of a bitch. Just never lets anything go. You cut him off on the highway and he follows you around for the rest of your natural born days. Makes your life a literal living hell. Definitely a bonehead move by the anchor here, especially for an “entertainment” reporter, but any other actor probably let’s it go and they continue on the with the interview. Not Sammy. He wears backwards Kangol hats and makes white people feel guilty. 2 for fucking 2.

– Ryan

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