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The Story Of Hero The Homeless Dog Is As Amazing As It Gets

DogTwo months ago, a golden retriever named Hero was living on the streets of Istanbul. At the time, Chuck and Lisa Taylor were looking for a friend for their one-eyed golden rescue named Jack.

“Rescue dogs make the world’s greatest companions. I’m convinced that they know,” Chuck Taylor said. “There’s something really special about rescuing a dog.”

Hero and 35 of his golden friends were rescued from Istanbul from the streets and shelters by Adopt a Golden Atlanta. They flew them to Atlanta, where they are now finding each dog a forever home.

The Taylors passed an extensive vetting process from the rescue group and were invited to adoption day. When they met Hero, they fell in love. “Rescuing a dog is a little bit different than going out and buying a purebred dog, there’s no question about that.” Taylor said. “It makes you feel good, it makes your heart feel good. You know that you’re doing something good for the world and the community and for the dog that needed rescuing.”

Hero’s handler told Taylor that 1-year-old Hero had never let anyone rub his belly before. But when Taylor walked into his pen, Hero rolled right over for a belly rub.

Audience Freakout

Well this is wonderful. Tell me with a straight face you wouldn’t watch a sitcom featuring Hero the rescue dog and Jack the one eyed golden. I’d literally pay money to just watch them get into various hijinks throughout the day. Besides all the necessary television sitcom jokes (seriously, someone make this show) this is just a really heartwarming story. If you live in the US you see dogs in a certain light. They’re lovable pets and people who treat them otherwise are blood thirsty monsters. In other parts of the world, they’re not seen like that, and you have cases where so many dogs are left to survive on their own. Hearing Hero’s story have a happy ending is great, and organizations like Adopt A Golden deserve all the credit they get. With that said, if Hero and one eyed Jack don’t have a joint Instagram page by the end of the day I’ll consider this day a huge loss.

– Ryan

Zeb Colter’s Wonderfully Horrible Signs Are Back & I Couldn’t Be More Excited


I genuinely love Zeb Colter. Just a crazy old man playing the character of a crazy old racist man. Goddamn border hopping bandido’s. Get out of Zeb’s country.

– Ryan

Add Jack Nicholson’s Son to the List of People I’d Love to Be

Like father like son: Jack Nicholson and son Raymond were seen watching the Lakers game on Christmas Day

Courtside seats to the Lakers on Christmas day. No big deal. Probably fooled around with a couple of the Lakers cheerleaders too just for kicks. Jack Nicholson has owned Hollywood forever, and there’s not a chance in hell that his son isn’t riding his coattails everywhere he goes. He’d be stupid not to. You can get into any place you want. Have any girl you want. Sit courtside at the Lakers and go to every awards show. Jack Nicholson’s son has skyrocketed up my list of people I’d love to be. I can only picture two drawbacks. 1. Dad steals every girlfriend you’ve ever had and 2. you have a lame name. I expected Jack Nicholson to come up with a better name than ‘Raymond’ for his son. I would’ve went with Lightning or Iceman. Definitely major drawbacks, but the pros outweigh the cons.

– Ryan

P.S. Don’t ever say Jack Nicholson isn’t festive.

Quality time: His daughter Lorraine was also by his side during the game

H/T – Dailymail

If Jack Del Rio Doesn’t Wear a Suit or Leather Jacket Sunday I’ll Be Severely Disappointed



I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a coordinator to become an interim head coach. Then again, it’s not everyday that someone with Jack Del Rio’s sense of style is given this opportunity. You have to figure that the camera’s will pan to Del Rio at least 20 times Sunday, so if he wears the wrong outfit Denver might just fire him on the spot. I’d go with the dress shirt and tie, but instead of a sport coat, I’d throw on an official Denver Broncos leather jacket. It’s already a given that Denver will beat San Diego on the road, so the only thing left to focus on is Jack Del Rio’s wardrobe. I have a feeling he’s going to blow us all away.

– Ryan

P.S. There’s a 90% chance Del Rio refuses to give John Fox his job back. He’s the ultimate wildcard.

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