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069 – FYRE Fraud Documentaries and Mitch’s Corner

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Ja Rule Is Upset That Wikipedia Has His Height Wrong, Does Not Understand How Wikipedia Works

Ja Rule is a lot of things, but a master of the internet is clearly not one of them. Apparently he came across his own Wikipedia page, and of all things, was upset that his height was listed wrong. He also simultaneously does and doesn’t know how Wikipedia works. On the one hand, yes, it is inaccurate, which is what happens when ANYONE can edit a web page. On the other hand, he suggests that somebody should “fix his shit”, which is exactly how Wikipedia works. I also like how he used his mug shot to confirm how tall he is. That’s kind of bad ass. If he had never been arrested he would have had to have someone stand next to him with a tape measurer or a bunch of rulers taped together. Infinitely less cool. Regardless of Ja Rule’s internet prowess, we’ll always have the memories:


In The Best News All Day, Ja Rule Is Endorsing Hillary Clinton For President In 2016

Politics aren’t exactly my thing, but when JA RULE ENDORSES HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT, I need to get in on the action. Ja Rule was a guest on Fox News, which is a sentence I never thought I’d type, and while he likes both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, he’s a democrat, so he’s going to be rooting for ol’ Hil Dog. This whole thing is just great, and watching Ja Rule 1. be alive and 2. be in a suit on Fox News discussing politics makes my heart warm. I kind of hope this is his new thing. He just shows up on news channels and everyone expects him to start screaming expletives but he’s this really articulate, well spoken political genius. It would be the biggest reinvention since John Travolta reemerged as a robot. I don’t know if he plans on coming out with any new music, but for those wondering, his (Ja Rule, not John Travolta) Pandora channel is fantastic.

– Ryan

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