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The Wyatts Aired Another Cryptic Promo On Raw, This Time Featuring Erik Rowan

THIS. This is what the WWE needs. Last week The Wyatt’s aired a promo clueing us in their mysterious absence from WWE TV, specifically keying on Wyatt family member Luke Harper. This week, a similar promo aired, this time focusing on Erik Rowan. The promos are eerily similar, except the end, which this week featured a pregnant woman with the words “it’s coming” drawn onto her stomach. It seems as if WWE is branching each member of the Wyatt Family off on their own, which I think will ultimately be a very good thing. Having the Wyatt Family mutually split now makes a reunion down the road not only more likely, but it will make more sense. As far as the “it’s coming” portion of the promo, this could signify a couple things: the rebirth of the Wyatt Family as individuals, or a new member that is coming to wreak havoc on the WWE roster. Wyatt consistently mentions a “her” in his promos, which seems to be a reference to Sister Abigail. My bet is that the pregnant woman shown signifies the rebirth of the Wyatt Family mission, which could be the beginning of the Dark Ages era in the WWE, with Wyatt and his family on top. The Wyatt’s are starting to create a buzz again. Someone keep John Cena as far away as possible please.

– Ryan