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Friday, You Just Made a Life-long BFF and You Didn’t Even Know It


Getting a compliment tweet from The Iron Sheik is the highest form of praise that a man can get. Friday, take this and run with it, and just be glad he is on your side.

Here are some of his other tweets:

Not sure if that last tweet was a compliment or not.


Gary Busey is Insane

gary copy

No clue what to make of this. You died, came back to life and saw the crash from many perspectives? or life from many perspectives? Or the surgery? I have no fucking clue. I’m going to stop trying to decode these face books posts of his so my brain doesn’t overheat.

Hey, at least we know it’s actually him that is writing all his social media updates. How do I know this? Because if that’s his publicist writing for his Facebook then he needs to stop paying them immediately.

Another notable celeb that CLEARLY writes his own post is The Iron Sheik



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