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Let’s Talk About Apple’s New Toy

macbookproYesterday, Apple  announced their new line of MacBook Pros. They feature thinner frames, faster processors, better battery life, less (zero) usb ports and a new product Apple calls the Touch Bar. Admittedly not the most clever name for this cool piece of tech, but like most apple product names, it will grow on me. i.e. iPad (Think about how ridiculous that name is).

In simple terms, the Touch Bar is a long, multi-touch surface that adapts to what you’re doing on your MacBook Pro. Using Final Cut? The bar lets you scrub through your timeline for editing. Photoshop has shortcuts, etc, etc. The Touch Bar is sure to make some things we do on MacBooks significantly easier and some things more annoying. Those are the facts. It will be implemented cleverly with 1st party apps, but third part will be hit or miss…in my opinion. But, the Touch Bar isn’t a huge selling point for me. See, I was excited for new MacBook Pros whether or not they had this rumored addition.

apple-fbi-514451372I bought my first MacBook Pro in the summer of 2012. Its a 15″ beauty with 250gb of ssd storage and a BEAUTIFUL Retina display. Before this little bundle of magic, I had a Mac Mini (2006) and a 27″ iMac (2010). All great devices, but nothing compared to my MacBook Pro. This Read the rest of this entry

Apple’s New Ad With Cookie Monster is a Smash Hit

We’ve all been in Cookie Monster’s shoes. You pop in a DiGiorno pizza, set the timer and try to pass the time by not thinking now about the hot, delicious pizza you are about to inhale. What seems like an eternity passes by and it’s actually only been 20 seconds. I get you Cookie, I get you. A+ Apple ad hitting me right where I live. 


P.S. – Whenever cooking instructions give you a range for cooking time i’m always picking the lower end. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit and I’m hungry. 


From Compton to Cupertino, Dr. Dre is Raps First Billionaire



Congrats Dre, you have made it to where no rapper has gone before…BILLIONS. While the deal seems pretty clear – Apple acquires Beats Audio – lets look at what is actually happening. What Apple really bought isn’t the over priced, mediocre, headphones, nope, what Apple actually bought was the Beats name, notoriety, and their streaming service, Beats Music. beats_by_dre_headphones_02_by_rauljoe-d33x86bWith music sales down Apple knows the the future of music isn’t in paid downloads, but rather in music streaming services such as Spotify, Groove Shark, and Pandora. Apple seems to be poised for a big couple of months with their acquisition of Beats Audio leading the charge. Will we see a “Beats” tag on the new iPhone? Tune in next week for Apple’s yearly even to find out!


Tech Thursday is Back – The Leaked iPhone 6


Has Apple finally caught up with the times? Are they finally going to ditch the tiny screen and go big? From these leaked pics it looks like it!


The Apple Holiday Commercial is Tugging At My Heart Strings

Admittedly I’m a sucker for these kind of commercials, but this was pretty cool. Granted some kids are just obsessed with their phones and they’re not putting together a family home movie that looks like it was directed by Scorcese; but this was still really well done. Next time you see a kid with an IPhone in their hand during a social situation, maybe you should think twice about judging them. They could be making a beautiful amateur film about your life.

– Ryan

The Offline Glass is Almost Perfect

Bravo! You’ve done it! You’ve solved what the elderly believes is the worst part of the new generation, ignoring the world around you while you lose yourself in a smart phone. Ingenious. In fact this has to be Apple that came up with this right? I can hear the conversation…

How do we sell more iPhones? We should make people break them more often, but with liquid so we don’t have to refund it under a warranty, but how…? Ah ha! Lets creates beer glasses that can’t stand on their own! Unless you place said glass on top of the phone! We’ll get a bunch of incoherent drunks spilling beer all over their phone coasters! *high fives all around*

Absolutely flawless plan,

except the human race is infamous for it’s ability to adapt; like this guy who has just realized he has two hands.imagesCAR4JMVH

Cursed bi-lateral, multifunctional, opposable thumbed beings.

-Sean Lite-

P.S. I can be just as bad as any of those people in the video. Ah well.

Snapchat is slowly ruining my life

I want to like Snapchat. I really do. But I can’t. I don’t understand its purpose. Do we really need a fourth app to share pictures no one outside of your mother wants to see? Posting a picture of yourself drinking a coronarita on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram isn’t enough. Gotta Snapchat that shit. I’m assuming the conversation between the creators of Snapchat went something like this: Person A – “This generation is really socially awkward and only speak to each other through their phones, how can we turn them into complete robots?” Person B – “If only their was a FOURTH way for people to share pictures and completely ruin our sense of community!” Person A & B – “What about Snapchat!”. The conversation was probably nothing like that, but you get the point. The worst part about this satanic app is that the pictures erase after a few seconds. Why is that bad? When you have friends like mine, Snapchat becomes an endless cycle of people taking a shit and penis pics. ‘Merica.

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