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Let Steve Spiros, Easy Going Guy Carry You Into The Weekend

Steve Spiros, Easy Going

“What’s your name?”. That’s the only thing this poor reporter said before Steve Spiros, quite possibly the craziest man in the world, went on a rant for the ages. Waterloo. Vampires. Humberside. Sleep Walkers. New York, Manhattan. This interview has all of it.

If you come away with one thing from this interview, let it be this: you can’t kill someone with NO BODY.


Daniel Radcliffe Was The Receptionist For NYLON Magazine & Let’s Just Say He’s Not A Good Receptionist

Daniel Radcliffe visited NYLON Magazine for an interview, and instead got put to work as their receptionist. Receptionist jobs are generally considered to be easy, but you have a lot of reasonability. You have to answer calls, transfer calls, talk to people who walk in, direct them where they need to go, offer delicious candy or else PEOPLE WILL TALK. It’s a stressful job, and Daniel Radcliffe could not handle the heat. Thank God he found Harry Potter, because if he was to be a receptionist, he’d be out on the street in a millisecond.

– Ryan

H/T USA Today

The Patriots Don’t Have To Worry About Gronk Suffering A Concussion Because He Apparently Doesn’t Have A Brain

GronkDuring the interview with Jim Rome on Jim Rome on Showtime in which Rob Gronkowski said he’d want a wife who cooked and cleaned, he also spiked a piñata, talked about his party bus … and said he’d rather get a concussion than blow out his knee. His logic was a little less than sound.

Transcription from CBS:

“Uh, so if we’re sitting here and I had choose would I want a concussion right now or my knee blown out, I’m going to say a concussion. Why would I want to sit there for eight months and not do anything, when with a concussion I’ll just wake up and I’ll be ready to go again.

Gronk isn’t worried about not remembering things later in life because “that happens all the time. I don’t even know how I got to my hotel last night.”

No one would ever accuse Gronkowski of being a philosopher, but it seems crazy to me that he would equate browning out from having too many drinks to CTE, the condition that has afflicted many former football players.

stupid animated GIF

Rob Gronkowski hit the lottery when he was born. I’m not even talking about being built like a house either. If he wasn’t a professional football player, I can’t imagine he’d be alive right now. He’s so stupid it almost defies logic. You also have to blame Jim Rome a little bit here too. What did you think the world scholar Gronk was going to say to that question. He’s already blown out his knee, and he apparently doesn’t have a brain, or know how concussions work, so he’ll obviously take a concussion. The Pats already won one Super Bowl with him, so I guess they’re happy, but I can’t imagine he lasts more than a few years in the league. For every workout he does he seems to do double the damage to his body with his current lifestyle, but I guess the one he’s got going for him is that he can’t get a concussion. You’d need an actual brain for that. Maybe stop giving him a live microphone and asking him to talk about the very real issue of CTE? Give him a shiny object to hold onto and spike into the ground and call it a day.

– Ryan

Beck Throws a Shoe in an Interview with Thurston Moore


Everyone that is freaking out over how Beck beat Beyonce will take solace in knowing that he is a weird dude. Not sure who Thurston Moore is, but he is quite honestly the worst interviewer I have ever witnessed. Zero flow and all-around shiftiness.

In defense to Beck’s Grammy win, I just listened to the whole Morning Phase album and I can see how it would be something the academy would deem worthy of album of the year. It’s weird, don’t get me wrong, but it is definitely well composed and written.


DeMar DeRozan Takes No Days Off!

Not even a semi-severe injury can keep DeRozan off the court and without his team. After back-to-back wins, DeMar was with fellow teammate Kyle Lowrey and was asked to do the interviewing. That’s the kind of energy DeRozan brings to your team. The “oh hell yeah i’ll do this interview”. Just needs to get better with putting the mic where people are talking. Can’t be great at everything I suppose. Can’t wait to have him on the other side of mic and of my fantasy bench!



Stephen Colbert Interviews Smaug

The more I watch Stephen Colbert do his thing more more I feel like he is the right choice as the heir to the Letterman empire. He’s funny, good in front of a camera, and one of the true masters of an interview. Sure he can be a bit too silly sometimes, but like his mentor Jon Stewart, he knows when to get serious. Interviewing Smaug is one of those…more serious times.

If you missed it, or live under a large stone, here is Stephen on The Late Show talking about his future.

Tara Reid Thinks a Sharknado Can Actually Happen Because Of Course She Does

NYDSharknado” and its upcoming Big Apple sequel may be a couple of unexpected Syfy hits, but if you ask star Tara Reid, a shark attack on New York is not as far-fetched as it might seem.

“You know, it actually can happen,” Reid, 38, told GQ magazine. “I mean, the chances of it happening are very rare, but it can happen actually.”

Reid admitted that it “would be crazy” for something like that to transpire.

“The chances of it are, like, you know, it’s like probably ‘pigs could fly,'” she told GQ. “Like, I don’t think pigs could fly, but actually sharks could be stuck in tornados. There could be a sharknado.”

Hammer Head

Well at least Tara Reid doesn’t think pigs could fly. I guess she’s got that going for her. I don’t want to take the low road and just make stereotypical blonde jokes, so let’s just say she’s an idiot and she also just so happens to have blonde hair. Oh you think it would be crazy if a sharknado happened, Tara? You think it would be crazy if not only did a tornado strike land, but inside that tornado were actual living, breathing sharks? Well I’ll give this one. It would definitely be crazy, on a lot of levels. Thousands of years of scientific research on sharks would be wrong, for one thing. I’ve always been under the impression they can survive in water, but apparently Tara Reid has some other information that allows them to survive in extreme winds. She did survive the first movie, so she must be doing something right. Although if this does ever actually happen, there’s only man I want by my side. A man with a history of dealing with tornados. A man who understands…twisters.


– Ryan


Let’s Skip the Hype and Get Rebecca Grant a Sideline Reporter Job Now


Just give this girl a sideline reporter job now. We all know it’s going to happen. Happened with Erin Andrews. Happened with Katherine Webb. And it’s going to happen with Rebecca Grant. Positions herself perfectly at the Clippers game grabbing her ham hogs which I guess is the only criteria to get you an interview on Fox News now? Of course she yells off screen at her friend during the live interview. Why woulnd’t she? Gotta keep the hype going. Wouldn’t want a boring interview to ruin all the momemtum you got from grabbing your boobs at a basketball game. Let’s just have ESPN sign her to cover the NFL Draft tomorrow and negotiate a Dancing With The Stars clause into her contract so we can watch her until some other hot girl in the stands captures our attention. Although I gotta say, I would not mind staring at that face during a basketball or football game.

– Ryan


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