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Odell Beckham Jr. Can Cry Me A River. His One-handed Catch Record is Already Broken

Hey bro, why don’t you set the bar a little higher next time. I’m not saying it isn’t impressive, but if you are going to set a record make it something so impressive that it can’t be broken less than 24 hours later. I can feel the internet surging with one-handed catch videos now. I am going to predict that in a weeks time some schmuck from florida will have done a 100+ catch video. You watch. Ice Bucket challenge all over again.


Some Cool ALS Ice Bucket Challenges in One Place

Before you watch these remember why they are being done! Donate to to make your donation, we have!


Are Ben and Tyler Perry secret best friends?

Smooth move nominating Pac-Man. His Kid nominating Jay-Z is a power move.

Just a completely normal dude who happens to be a giant superstar.

Of course Conan puts his spin on it.

And what’s a Late Night ice bucket challenge without Jimmy Fallon and the Roots? PS- Horatio Sanz lost a shit load of weight!

In a gym with a suite on. NBD. I’m still not convinced that Vince knows Kermit isn’t real.

Mickey Rourke can’t help but swear for a good cause.

Bill Gates putting thousands of dollars into his video like only he could. Also, Bill nominating Ryan Seacrest is an even funnier friendship than Affleck and Tyler Perry.

Elon Musk wil not be outdone by Billy Gates

James Franco getting right to the point. Yellow dick cover was unexpected, but a nice touch.

Acca-icebucket Challenge

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