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A Pizza Hut In Sugar Land, Texas Is Delivering Free Pizzas To People Stuck In Their Homes During Hurricane Harvey

Pizza Hut is making a special delivery to Texas residents trapped in their homes by Hurricane Harvey.

Employees at the Oak Lake store in Sugar Land, Texas used kayaks to wade through flooded streets to deliver pizzas to victims who lived nearby – and it was all free of charge.

Shayda Habib, the manager of the Pizza Hut location, told KPRC 2 News that when she heard there were families nearby who couldn’t leave their homes and were running low on food she decided she needed to help.

“I called my husband and asked him to gather up kayaks and meet me at the restaurant,” she said.

Habib said she and some of the workers started making as many pizzas as they could and then loaded the food onto the kayaks and delivered them to the hungry families.

Habib told the Houston Chronicle that she and her employees delivered 120 pizzas on Tuesday to residents living in the area.

“The people in the houses didn’t expect us to come,” she told the outlet. “It was so nice to see their smiles after so much gloom.” – NY Daily News

It’s hard to look on the bright side when there’s so much damage and devastation happening in the Houston area, but Shayda Habib and Pizza Hut are doing their best to keep people’s spirits up. This is such a great move, and I hope to see more stories like this come out in the coming days and weeks. We’ve seen a ton of money being raised as well, most notably JJ Watt and $10 million You Caring campaign. Hopefully everyone down in Houston is able to stay safe, and may they have as much help as humanly possible during the recovery.


Music Monday: Sam Smith – How Will I Know (Whitney Houston Cover)

Sam Smith hopped onto my radar earlier this year when he was the musical guest for Louis C.K.’s second stint as host of SNL, especially with his live version of ‘Stay With Me’. Now he’s crossing over into the cover song game, and if this version of ‘How Will I Know’ is any indication, he’ll be fantastic.

– Ryan

Robert Wallace is Trying His Hardest to Become The Stupidest Man in America

HoustonRobert Wallace is mad: He gave his heart, soul and Harry Potter DVD collection to a Houston stripper.

Now he can’t even get back the Potter films.

Wallace, a Houston-based software developer, thought he was in a “dating relationship” with exotic dancer Nomi Mims. He loaned her $2,000, a laptop and his precious collection of movies based on the J.K. Rowling books, KRIV-TV reports.

When the alleged relationship ended May 3, Wallace hoped Mims would return the items. She hasn’t so now he says he’s suing her to get the money, laptop and Harry Potter DVDs.

Fat chance, according to Mims. She says she never dated Wallace and that the items were gifts he gave to her.

“I don’t believe in loans because I don’t want to pay anybody back,” she said, according to “I’ve given him gifts too. You know, how do I get my booty and boobs back?”

Although Wallace claims the two were intimate and “building a life together,” Mims says they were never more than friends.

She concedes that it is unfortunate that she may have given him the wrong impression, reports.

Still, she is shocked that Wallace has filed suit.

“I’ve heard of strippers suing customers, but never of customers suing strippers,” Mims said.

Mims admits he’s not surprised what happened and says, as a result, he’s decided not to date strippers.

Come on, Robert. The stripper customer relationship is one of the oldest, most basic relationships in human history. You pay a naked girl money and she dances and does things for you. That’s where it starts, and that’s where it ends. If you want to throw some Harry Potter movies in there, go ahead and have yourself a day. But don’t file a lawsuit trying to get your stuff back. Now you’re just embarrassing yourself. I don’t even know you and I’m embarrassed for you. The only thing worse than thinking you’re in a relationship with a stripper is suing her for your money back once that “relationship” is over. Chalk it up as a loss, move to a different city, buy another copy of Harry Potter and start “dating” another stripper. That’s the only cure.

– Ryan

I Hope the Texans Draft Johnny Football at #1


I don’t really want to know what happens when a bunch of gun-wielding Texans don’t get what they want. Especially when it comes to football. 


Farewell Houston Astrodome, Home of the Greatest Wrestlemania in History

(Source) “HOUSTON (AP) — The Houston Astrodome was a technological marvel when it opened in 1965. Dubbed the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” it was the first domed and air-conditioned stadium and became Houston’s defining landmark, a symbol of the city’s can-do spirit.

But eventually, bigger and sleeker stadiums took its place, leaving the iconic structure that once hosted both professional baseball and football games empty and dilapidated, its future in limbo.

After Texas voters on Tuesday rejected a referendum that would have authorized up to $217 million in bonds to turn the Astrodome into a giant convention and event center, the stadium is likely to be demolished.

“We can’t allow the once-proud Astrodome to sit like a rusting ship in the middle of a parking lot. This was the best effort (to revamp the stadium), and voters have turned it down,” Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said. Fifty-three percent voted against the referendum.

Emmett said a final decision on what happens to the Astrodome will be up to the commissioners court, the group of local officials who manage the county. But he said the stadium’s future was pretty much sealed with the referendum’s failure. He said a decision would have to be made quickly but didn’t say exactly when that would happen.”



The Houston Astrodome was home to many events over the past 48 years, but nothing compares to the event it held on April Fools Day, 2001. That was the night the Astrodome hosted Wrestlemania XVII, the greatest Wrestlemania of all time. WWE was in it’s heyday; the roster was stacked, and everyone who competed that night had one goal in mind: to steal the show.

Check out this ridiculous card:

Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon in a street fight, with Mick Foley as the special guest referee.

Hardys vs. Dudleyz vs. Edge & Christian in a TLC match for the tag team titles.

Undertaker vs HHH.

The main event: Stone Cold vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship.

You could live three lifetimes and never see a wrestling card with that much star power. If you get a chance, watch some of those matches. Every single one delivers in a big way.

Thanks for the memories Astrodome, and thanks for the greatest Wrestlemania of all time.

– Ryan

P.S. It also gave us the greatest wrestling promo of all time.

Don & Jerry: America’s Greatest Comedy Team



Abbott and Costello. The Marx Brothers. Penn and Teller. There is no doubt in my mind that Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy are America’s newest comedy dream team. Not only are they the best broadcast team in baseball, but they are also the most entertaining. Last night during the Red Sox/Astro’s game, Don and Jerry donned foam cowboy hats to try and spark a Red Sox rally. While the hats were long gone in the top of the 9th, I have a funny feeling that they helped Stephen Drew hit that game winning home run. Whether they’re wearing funny hats, discussing each other’s chest hair or catching fans in a touchy feely moment like the video above, they make watching a baseball game fun.

– Ryan

P.S. How bout them Red Sox! Love that dirty water.

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